Showering in Chlorinated Water

    Published: June 10, 2014

    The Physical Effects of Showering in Unfiltered Water

    Many Americans drink filtered water, which is an excellent idea. Filtered water is purer, cleaner and tastier than unfiltered water. It contains virtually no impurities, chemicals, or contaminants.

    Showering in Chlorinated WaterBut what about bath and shower water? Many American families bathe in unfiltered, chemical-laden water. They are unaware that multiple studies have found that disinfecting chemicals – such as chlorine – may be absorbed into the skin and lungs if not filtered first.

    In 2010, the President’s Cancer Panel released its report titled ‘Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk – What We Can Do Now.’ Inside, disturbing findings are revealed about the effects of bathing and showering in unfiltered water.

    The report notes that while the disinfection of public water supplies with chlorine has decreased incidence of waterborne illnesses, chemical by-products are created when chlorine and other disinfectants react with organic materials. “Long term exposure to these chemicals may increase cancer risk,” the report states.

    The document adds that hundreds of disinfection by-products have been discovered. The most common are trihalomethanes (THMs), such as chloroforms and bromoforms, and also haloacetic acid.

    The federal standard for disinfection by-products including chlorine in public drinking water is 80 parts per billion of THM. The report states that people who are exposed to higher levels of these substances during bathing, showering, and swimming in chlorinated pools may have a higher risk of some forms of cancer. Some possible links may exist between THM exposure and the following cancers:

    • Colon/rectal
    • Renal cell carcinoma
    • Glioma
    • Bladder cancer

    Did You Know?

    People absorb 100 times more chlorine in a 10-minute unfiltered shower than they do from drinking a gallon of water?

    What to Do

    Minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals in tap water is easier than ever. By installing a whole house water system, it is simple to have clean, pure, sparkling water for drinking, bathing and doing laundry. The Pelican Water Premium Whole House Water Filter is especially effective in removing chlorine and other contaminants from tap water.

    This industry-leading whole house water system features a 5-micro pre-filter system that filters debris down to 5 microns in size, which is 20 times smaller than a human hair. Then, Pelican Water uses Granular Activated Carbon Medias (GAC), a blend of high-grade, coconut shell-based activated carbons.

    This two-tiered filtering system filters a broader range of contaminants from tap water. GAC filtration is recognized by the Water Quality Association as an acceptable method to maintain many drinking water contaminants within the National Drinking Water Standards of the EPA.

    With a whole house water system from Pelican Water, there are no more worries about bathing or showering in unfiltered water.

    Or, Consider a Pelican Water Premium Shower Filter

    If a whole house water filtration system is outside the budget, consider a Pelican shower filter. This affordable shower filter filters most chlorine and other chemicals from water, without reducing water pressure. Additionally, it:

    • Softens skin and hair
    • Reduces skin dryness
    • Reduces color fade in treated hair

    Remember: Showering in unfiltered water means soaking chlorine into your skin, and breathing in vaporized chemicals, too.. Change that today with a Pelican Water Premium Shower Filter, giving you a healthy, filtered water, spa-like shower experience right at home.