Published: May 17, 2018

    Perfect Drinks for Memorial Day Weekend

    As we honor those who fought for our country and spend quality time with friends and family this Memorial Day weekend we also celebrate the beginning of summer. As it starts to heat up staying hydrated should be your top priority while slaving over the grill in the summer heat. Keep everyone cool and refreshed with these easy-to-make drink recipes featuring a healthy dose of filtered water.

    Mango Iced Tea

    A cold glass of tea is the perfect thirst-quencher when the sun starts beating down. Add a fruity twist to this classic drink with a touch of mango!

    • 4 cups of boiling filtered water
    • 4 cups of cold filtered water
    • 12 ounces of mango nectar
    • 5 tablespoons of granulated sugar
    • 2 tea bags of family-size black tea

    First, boil four cups of water. Pour the boiling water over the family-size tea bags and allow the tea to brew for five minutes. After five minutes remove the tea bags and squeeze dry. Pour the tea, mango nectar, sugar, and cold water into a two-quart pitcher and stir. Chill tea for one hour in the refrigerator before serving. Serve with ice and enjoy!

    Honeydew Basil Water

    This healthy and refreshing concoction is a mellow fruity drink the family is sure to love. Plus, this recipe only has eight calories per serving!

    • 1 1/4 cup of cold filtered water
    • 1 cup of ice
    • 1/2 cup of diced honeydew melon
    • 4 fresh basil leaves

    First, combine the honeydew melon and three basil leaves into a large cocktail shaker. Mash the mixture with a muddler or with a wooden spoon. Stir in the filtered water. Cover the cocktail shaker and shake everything together.

    Fill a glass with one cup of ice. Strain the honeydew basil drink into the glass and serve! Garnish with a basil leaf if desired.

    Summer Berry Smoothie

    This fizzy and fruity smoothie is the perfect morning drink to kick off your Memorial Day festivities. Keep a few smoothies on hand if your kiddos need something to sip on while waiting for the main course.

    • 1/2 pound of pitted cherries
    • 1/4 pound of strawberries
    • 2 ounces of blueberries
    • Ice cubes
    • Sparkling water

    First, slice the green tops off the strawberries. Also, make sure you buy pitted cherries, as pits can harm your blender. Place the strawberries, cherries, and blueberries in a blender and blend until smooth. Place a few ice cubes into two glasses and pour the smoothies into both glasses. Top with sparkling water and serve.

    Orange Vanilla Cinnamon Water

    Add a truly unique drink to your Memorial Day lineup – it goes well with a variety of food and delivers an unforgettable flavor.

    • 1 1/4 cup of cold filtered water
    • 1 cup of ice
    • 3 slices of fresh orange
    • 1 cinnamon stick
    • 1/4 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

    First, break the cinnamon stick into small pieces. Combine the cinnamon stick pieces, vanilla extract, and orange slices into a large cocktail shaker. Like our honeydew basil water, mash the mixture with a muddler or wooden spoon until fine.

    Stir in the filtered water, and then cover the cocktail shaker and shake everything together. Fill a glass with ice and strain the drink into the glass. Garnish with an orange slice and serve.

    Stay cool this Memorial Day weekend with any of these fabulous recipes!