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    Published: March 12, 2015

    Pelican’s Water Shield Auto-Ship Program

    Cleaner, great-tasting water is something anyone can appreciate, and thanks to modern home filtration systems, it’s never been easier to attain. With that said, maintaining a quality system isn’t always easy for busy people, who don’t want to worry about keeping track of replacement parts and schedules. In turn, more and more consumers are taking advantage of Pelican’s Water Shield Auto-Ship Program, which takes the headache and frustration out of water filter system maintenance.

    A Host of Benefits

    Pelican’s Water Shield Auto-Ship program takes the hassle out of ordering replacement parts for your home filtration system. At the same time, it adds exceptional value, while requiring zero commitment.

    To operate at peak performance, filtration systems need new parts every six to twelve months. The Water Shield Auto-Ship program provides free shipping for replacement drinking filters, shower filters, UV replacement lamps and UV replacement sleeves. What’s more, these products come automatically without any effort on your part.

    In addition to free shipping, the Water Shield Auto-Ship program allows you to save up to 20% on replacement components for your home filtration system. It also lets you lock in your current price forever, so you’ll never pay more for Pelican’s top-quality replacement parts.

    There’s no contract. There’s no frustration. Enjoy the ease and convenience of automatic shipping at discount prices that will never increase.

    Cleaner Water Everyday

    From complete well water systems and water softener alternatives to iron removal systems and whole house water filters, Pelican is the ultimate factory-direct source for the industry’s top water purification products. It’s also the premier place to find value-added packages and specials that blend convenience, savings and high performance.

    With Pelican’s complete line of filtration products, you can enjoy cleaner, safer, fresher-tasting water, coffee, tea, and more. At the same time, with our exclusive Water Shield Auto-Ship program, you can receive brand new replacement components at discounted prices, without having to leave your home or go online to make an order.