Published: December 11, 2018

    Announcing Pelican Water’s 12 Days of Giveaways

    The winter holidays are in full swing, and to join in on the spirit of giving Pelican Water is launching our 12 Days of Giveaways. Every day during the giveaway you can enter to win one (or more!) free Pelican Product from Pelican Water Systems. We’ll be giving away gifts that are more useful to the typical family than three French hens — read on to discover what you could win just by entering our festive giveaway!

    How the Giveaway Works

    Beginning on December 12th you can enter to win once per day on our contest page. Be sure to check back every day to read who won, what the prize was, and to re-enter for the next day’s giveaway!

    Each day you will see a clear “Enter to Win” underneath the corresponding day for the giveaway. Simply click that link, follow the prompts to enter your information, and you’ll be all set! It’s that easy. No purchases or commitments necessary – just 12 chances to win a Pelican Product to help you transform your tap water into cleaner, safer drinking water for your entire family.

    Let’s say you enter for the first day’s prize and check back on day two to see someone else won the prize for that day. Don’t despair: after the winner is announced each day we will provide a coupon for all other customers to purchase that item with a special holiday discount. The coupons will be valid for 12 days, giving you plenty of time to order holiday gifts for those family members who are notoriously difficult to shop for.

    What Can I Win in the Giveaway?

    The ultimate question! While we don’t want to “give away” the surprise of all of our giveaway systems and products, here are just a few products that will be available during our exciting holiday giveaway:

    • Pelican Premium Shower Filter — Installing a BPA-free shower filter will protect your family from the immediate and long-term damaging effects of dangerous chemicals like chlorine in your shower water. This shower filter helps reduce skin dryness and flakiness, provides a relaxing aromatherapy experience, and eliminates unpleasant odors from your water.
    • Countertop Drinking Filter System — This state-of-the-art system boasts a modern design that delivers healthier, great tasting water. This conveniently sized system deals with common contaminants including lead, chlorine chloramines, cysts, VOC’s and THM’s. This system produces reliably high-quality drinking water and improves all kitchen-related tasks that use water – from washing vegetables and cooking pasta, to making coffee and tea, everything tastes exceptionally better.
    • 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) System — Pelican’s flagship 6-stage RO system filters out harmful chemicals and contaminants to deliver pure and refreshing drinking water straight from the kitchen. Reverse osmosis is one of the most trusted processes in the water treatment industry to filter impurities and contaminants like arsenic, chromium, lead, fluoride, cysts, turbidity, radium, and TDS.

    In total we will offer 12 different unique packages, featuring Pelican systems and combinations of best-selling products. Remember — you can enter to win for each of our 12 giveaways, so check back every day for prize information and to submit another entry. Best of luck, and happy holidays!