Published: April 13, 2015

    Pelican Water Systems Referral Program

    Pelican Water has an unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction. To meet this high standard, we focus on delivering top-quality products that exceed expectations. At the same time, Pelican goes the extra mile by providing our customers with valuable incentives for spreading the word about our reliable, environmentally-friendly water filtration products.

    Money in Your Pocket

    When they receive one of our state-of-the-art filtration or water-softening systems, Pelican customers tend to spread positive sentiment about their experiences. To show our appreciation, we’ve created a program that offers $50 for each friend you refer who goes on to purchase a Pelican Whole House System.

    Many companies offer referral programs between employees and potential hires; however, Pelican is one of the few that offers a referral program for its customers. By allowing you to gain some extra money for your customer loyalty, this program helps strengthen relationships while spreading the word about the importance of environmentally friendly water treatment.

    Raising Awareness

    Although home water treatment may sound like a nonessential luxury, it’s actually extremely important for countless residents throughout the country. For people who have well water, home filtration systems are critical for eliminating potentially harmful toxins and microorganisms that can cause serious illness. Even people who live in areas with municipal water supplies can benefit from a home water filtration system; In fact, a report from the website 24/7 Wall St recently showed that many public water supplies contain contaminant levels exceeding legal limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Home water treatment is also important for protecting homes in regions where untreated hard water can form harmful buildup within water heaters, appliances and plumbing. Unfortunately, not all water softening devices solve this problem in an environmentally-friendly manner. For instance, just one salt-based water softener can waste nearly 8,000 gallons of water each year, while ejecting harmful brine into local water supplies.

    On the other hand, Pelican’s NaturSoft® water softener alternative with salt free technology eliminate hard water without creating waste or salty brine. Combined with our other top-quality water treatment products, these devices allow our company to serve the needs of customers throughout the country while helping to preserve the land they call home.

    Ensure your friends and family are taking steps to protect their home water supplies by taking part in Pelican Water’s referral program.