Published: October 1, 2014

    Pelican Water Supports Breast Cancer Research

    Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in women, and to raise awareness of this disease, October is designated Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The hope is that by drawing attention to this disease, more research dollars can be raised so that someday, a cure is found.

    Pelican Water is a major supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that is why we are donating $5 to breast cancer research for every water system that is ordered on our website from Oct. 1-15. Our company is proud to raise awareness of breast cancer so that someday a cure can be found.

    We also want to raise awareness that water quality is related to breast cancer – the water that you drink can make you more likely to get some forms of cancer, according to some research.

    The Problem of Chlorine in Drinking Water

    For example, virtually all public water supplies have large amounts of chlorine added. While chlorine does kill most bacteria in water, it also can cause serious health problems in some consumers. When chlorine combines with organ, carbon-based pollutants in water, new dangerous chemicals can result – trihalomethanes, or THMs. There are hundreds of these deadly THMs, including carbon tetrachloride, bischloroethane and chloroform.

    Research by the National Institute of Public Health in Oslo, Norway has determined that some of these THMs can have carcinogenic effects on the body. That is, they can lead to some forms of cancer. That same research also determined that chlorine in water can cause a 14% increase in birth defects.

    There are many other contaminants in drinking water that your public water company may not remove in sufficient amounts to avoid health problems. One of the most common is arsenic, which is linked to many forms of cancer, including breast cancer. Other contaminants common in public drinking water include mercury and lead.

    How Water Filtration Can Improve Your Water Quality

    There are many affordable water filtration products available that can remove 98% or more of harmful, cancer-causing contaminants in drinking water. One of these is the new Pelican Countertop Drinking Filter System. This system also removes more than 99.95% of harmful bacteria, including cysts, cryptosporidium and giardia.

    This highly rated, affordable water filtration system is only $99.99, and can be purchased for $89.99 with our Water Shield Program, which automatically ships a new filter to your home on a regular basis. Pelican Water also offers a whole house water filter system that is easy to install and maintain, resulting in cleaner, safer water for your entire home.

    While we are still not able to prevent cancer, much progress is being made, and we can make our homes a bit safer with water filtration products.