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    Published: February 12, 2016

    Pelican Water Filters Featured on Animal Planet’s Restoration Wild

    Pelican Water’s whole house filter was featured on a recent episode of Animal Planet’s hit show Restoration Wild. In Restoration Wild, restoration expert and reclaimer Jay Chalkin transforms abandoned environments in the heart of nature into spectacular livable spaces to join clients together with their environment.

    Chalkin and his team have embarked on a countrywide road trip this season to bring their expert eye for design and craftsmanship to locations that could use a renovation while keeping them connected to the natural world. In the most recent episode, the Restoration Wild team visited Buckley’s Mountainside Canoe and Brew in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, to construct a full-scale brewery that retained the rustic and rugged feel of the surrounding forests and river systems.

    Bob Busch, co-owner of Canoe and Brew, claims that the mid-Michigan area his canoe shop and brewery calls home is “one of the premier canoeing destinations in the Midwest,” according to Morning Sun News. To safeguard this authentic atmosphere while ensuring the highest quality of water for the new brewery, Chalkin’s team turned to Pelican Water and its celebrated whole house filtration system.

    The Restoration Wild team installed the Pelican Water filtration system, which reduces contaminants from the local river and makes the drinking water used in the brewery fresher, purer, and safer. Clean water is readily available at the canoe brewery, and they did not need to change the water supply. When big companies like Animal Planet need the finest water filtration available, they trust Pelican Water. If you’re considering installing a house filter for your home check out our terrific options today.