Published: March 9, 2015

    Pelican Water Donates PSE1800 to Our Home Transitional: The Cleaner, Purer Water Our Veterans Deserve

    Our Home Transitional is a charitable resource and assistance service for female veterans. Founded by Carrie Miller and based in Michigan, the organization helps homeless single female veterans transition back to self-sufficient civilian life, offering job training, home placement assistance, and mental and physical healthcare. Part of Our Home Transitional’s mission is to acquire empty homes in Flint, Michigan and rehab them as permanent homes for clients.

    The organization has commendable goals, and as a nation, we owe our veterans a deep debt of gratitude, but you may be wondering how this connects to Pelican Water.

    The answer lies in Our Home Transitional’s housing project. The city of Flint has a serious problem with its water supply. Public water in Flint is a dirty, oily brown. The town experienced three boil water advisories between August and September 2014 due to the presence of coliform bacteria. While the bacteria issue seems to be resolved, high levels of the disinfectant byproduct Total Trihalomethane remained.

    The position of the city is that the water is safe to drink, despite its unappealing color and smell. Residents have a much different view, blaming the water for unexplained rashes, sick pets, and even dead houseplants. The general opinion in Flint is that the water isn’t safe to drink.

    The house purchased by Our Home Transitional, unfortunately, was not immune to the city’s water woes. The home showed evidence of hard water scale, while the smell and appearance of the water affected the quality of life of the home’s residents, many of whom have young children.

    Pelican Water decided this was unacceptable. These women served their country, but are now among the most vulnerable members of our society. Many of them have families they need to raise in a safe, healthy environment. It was, as Pelican Water Iain Whyte states, “an easy decision to help the veterans in Flint Michigan.”

    With this in mind, Pelican Water donated one of its PSE 1800 combo whole house water filtration systems to Our Home Transitional. The PSE 1800’s carbon filter provides cleaner, safer water for both the home’s residents and their children, while it’s easy maintenance schedule means Our Home Transitional will only need to change filters twice a year. In addition, the system’s NaturSoft® water softener alternative with salt free technology will reduce hard water scale to ensure that the home’s plumbing and appliances are able to function at a high level over the long-term.

    Pelican Water wants to thank our veterans all over the nation, and we’re proud to make a difference for the veterans in Our Home Transitional.