Published: May 10, 2018

    Pelican Water College Scholarship Announces Spring 2018 Winners

    After the success of our photo submission contest in the fall we decided to expand the scope of the spring 2018 College Scholarship Contest. We know many students read or hear about the benefits of water conservation, but we wanted our scholarship winners to provide actionable steps and inspiration for a new generation of conservationists.

    By keeping in line with our last round of submissions, we transformed our contest by asking students to submit a video on Instagram answering the question, “How are you doing your part to conserve water?”

    Using the hashtag #pelicanwatersmart, there were a number of students who wowed us with their innovative methods and ideas. Congratulations to this semester’s three scholarship recipients, whose winnings will help them with their tuition and fees as they continue to pursue their degrees:

    Jessica Yu of California State University earned a well-deserved 1st place in our contest. Her video, titled “10 Ways to Conserve Water,” provided several tips for families who want to cut down their water consumption in creative ways. Including ideas like utilizing a drip system for house plants and switching from coffee to tea, Jessica’s video details how much of an impact we can make by making small yet measurable changes to our daily routine.

    Jessica is a master’s student majoring in environmental hydrology. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya she witnessed the extreme repercussions when a village’s water supply is polluted with contaminants. She wants to focus her thesis on the water quality near Southern California’s beaches, as our precious ecosystems are being destroyed by anthropogenic activities. As our 1st place winner Jessica has been awarded $1500 as she continues her studies at Cal State LA.

    We are proud to name David Forero as our 2nd-place prizewinner in this semester’s contest. David’s entry documented a day hike through Arizona with a group of his friends. David artfully blended imagery of a breathtaking Arizona waterfall with helpful conservation tips and reflections on the limited nature of our global water supply. His video demonstrated an understanding of the complexity of water scarcity and an emotional appeal for us to protect our water for future generations.

    David is an Honor’s College student in the School of Medicine at the University of Arizona, maintaining an impressive 3.4 GPA while pursuing a major in physiology and minors in Spanish and Studio Art. David lives an active lifestyle and focuses on conservation in his everyday activities. David’s 2nd place prize earns him $1000 as he completes his studies at the University of Arizona.

    Noah Hanson is our 3rd place prizewinner, earning his spot with an informational and unique entry. Noah’s video showcases his amazing student project: a solar-powered water desalination system. The system utilizes reverse osmosis to remove salt from brackish water, which contains less salt than ocean water but naturally occurs all over the planet. Noah’s video demonstrates a passion for sustainability by utilizing clean energy in the form of solar to create solutions for clean water.

    Noah is a graduate level Mechanical Engineering student at North Carolina University, having just earned his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Quinnipiac University. In his essay describing his desalination system, Noah reinforces the key takeaway of his ingenious project: we must continue to innovate and develop water treatment solutions that are affordable, eco-friendly, and accessible to residents of developing areas around the world. Noah’s 3rd place prize earns him $500 for his educational costs this semester.

    Ready to apply for next semester’s College Scholarship Contest? Head to the College Scholarship Contest page for full submission details as they become available. Every semester we engage students to think about water treatment, sustainability and conservation in a new light.

    Congratulations again to our three well-deserving winners! Check back at the end of the year to see who wins our next contest.