Published: February 16, 2016

    Pelican’s New Cardboard Recycling a Tremendous Success

    At Pelican Water, we’re committed to providing water conserving products at affordable prices with a minimum of impact on the environment. If it helps make our products or factory processes greener, we’re interested in it.

    Our environmental philosophy drove our latest recycling project. We were all too aware our factory produced over 100 tons of excess cardboard a year, both as raw material and parts packaging. We resolved to dispose of this cardboard in as environmentally-friendly a manner as possible.

    To solve the problem, we invested in a powered hydraulic cardboard baler capable of compressing 20 cubic yards of cardboard into 1-ton bales, which are then sent for recycling.

    Baling not only allows us to recycle 100 tons or so of cardboard a year, it also makes for a safer work site. Baling secures the cardboard so no loose pieces can litter the environment, keeping our facility both clean and safe.

    We checked exactly what the benefits were of recycling this much cardboard, and were frankly astonished by the results. For every ton we recycle we save 31 trees—3,100 over the course of the year. Each ton also saves 390 Kilowatts of electricity, 1.1 barrels of oil, 6.6 million Btus of energy, and 6.5 cubic yards of landfill space. As a company that promotes water conservation as much as Pelican does, we were thrilled to discover the new baler saves 700,000 gallons of water a year.

    On the production side of the equation, recycled cardboard uses 25 percent less energy than new cardboard. The bales themselves take up less room, reducing the number of recycle pickups needed at the factory by 24 a year, with an attendant reduction in fuel usage and vehicle emissions.

    We couldn’t be happier with the new baler. it’s just one more reminder that Pelican stands behind its commitment to a greener world—in our products, in our production, and as individuals.

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