Published: June 18, 2015

    Pelican Water 2015 College Scholarship Announces Winners

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    Pelican Water is pleased to announce the three winners of our 2015 College Scholarship Contest. The purpose of the contest is to support our nation’s next generation of leaders and innovators, while encouraging them to bring fresh new ideas to the problem of water conservation. Specifically, we asked contestants for creative ways to instill a sense of urgency about water conservation in young people, and for marketing slogans Pelican might use to highlight educational campaigns.

    As we expected, students rose to the challenge, presenting us with some remarkable ideas and catchy, powerful slogans. Three submissions, in particular, stood out, and here they are: the third, second, and first place finishers. Congratulations to them all!

    Third Place: Hannah Newell

    Hannah attended Western Washington University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with a major in advertising and a minor in photography. Her submission focuses on the importance of social media as a means to reach young people. She suggests creating short commercials and spots on Vimeo, Hulu, and YouTube, as well as initiating water conservation discussions on Facebook and other social sites.

    Hannah makes an excellent point—that our easy access to water and water-based appliances has disconnected us from our water supply. She recommends reminding people of the environmental costs of daily water use. Her slogan, “Carry the Weight of Your Water,” reflects those costs. Check out her submission here.

    At third place, Hannah won a $500 scholarship from Pelican Water.

    Second Place: Valerie Chen

    Valerie is a junior on the Dean’s List at the University of Washington. Her slogan, “Think before You Flush,” serves as a reminder of the significant amount of water used in American households every day. She points out the numbers are incredibly high: a family of four uses over 400 gallons of water a day, much of it going to waste.

    Valerie suggests using celebrities, sports figures, and other role models to advocate for better and more proactive water conservation, offering practical solutions such as low-flush toilets and water-conserving showerheads. You can read her submission here.

    At second place, Valerie wins a $1,000 Pelican Water scholarship.

    First Place: Kelly Shuman

    Kelly Shuman is a graduating senior from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, with a major in psychology and an education studies minor. She has been accepted to study at the University of Maryland’s one-year Master’s and accreditation program for teaching.

    Kelly’s campaign recommends reaching out to schools, universities, and youth organizations with activities that emphasize the results of ignoring water conservation while generating strong attitudes about conservation. As she points out, strong attitudes lead to predictable, positive future behavior.

    To headline her campaign, Kelly offered a simple but evocative slogan: H20—Help 2 Orchestrate Conservation. Clever, catchy, and above all compelling, Kelly’s submission won her firsplace, and a $1,500 scholarship. You can check out her submission here.

    Pelican Water would like to congratulate Kelly, Valerie, and Hannah, and wish them the best in their future studies—a sentiment we’d like to express to all who took the time to apply for the scholarship.