Pelican Glass Table Water Bottles

    Published: November 23, 2015

    Pelican Water Introduces New Glass Table Bottles

    According to CBS, as much as 75% of the American population is chronically dehydrated. Three-fourths of our citizens do not consume the minimum recommended 10 daily cups of water as prescribed by the Institute of Medicine. In fact, as NY Daily News reports, Americans purchase more sugary carbonated beverages than water each year.

    For your family’s long-term health and wellness, incorporating a recommended intake of water is paramount. Finding appropriate times to talk to your children or loved ones regarding water consumption can prove challenging; in the nonstop hustle of modern society, when can you find time to plant the seeds of healthy lifestyle habits?

    Pelican Water is fully dedicated to creating products that service the needs of your family by making filtered water an integral part of your daily life. With the chronic dehydration of citizens only increasing, we’ve introduced our new Glass Water Table Bottles to ensure water and health are at the center of every family dining table. The glass table bottles are perfect for serving chilled water at family meals.

    By making glass table bottles a regular fixture of the dining table, each member of the family can choose their own drink (if your child also wants apple juice, for example) and separately serve themselves water while at the table. The glass table bottles move the water from the refrigerator to the family table seamlessly so it’s always available.

    Water consumption also unfortunately goes hand-in-hand with waste. Some families are dutiful in their water consumption habits, but today’s fast-paced lifestyle leads many families to take shortcuts. In homes across America, plastic water bottles have become a staple item, meant to make the availability of water immediate and hassle-free. However, this convenience comes at a staggering ecological cost. According to Fast Company Magazine, the average American drinks 167 bottles of water a year but only recycles 38. This leads to enormous waste when factoring in how widespread bottled water consumption is in this country.

    Bottled water is also inherently expensive. Even at an average cost of 50 cents per bottle, you’ll spend hundreds of dollars per year on water without factoring in your utility bill. When you purchase Pelican Water’s glass table bottles, you’re saving hundreds of dollars by drastically reducing the amount of containers you use. Couple these glass table bottles with a Pelican Water whole house filtration system, and you’ve found a terrific way to cheaply provide cleaner and safer H2O for your entire family.

    The Pelican Water fliptop water table bottle is dishwasher-safe and is also terrific for storing wine, oils, vinegar, and other chilled beverages. The 32-ounce capacity table bottle has an airtight lid and can fit snugly in a refrigerator door compartment. This affordable new product from Pelican Water is a great way to get your family the daily water intake they need. Check out the table bottle today, and save money (and the environment) by switching from bottled water.