Published: September 1, 2009

    Nigeria Water Treatment Skid

    The Chemex skid was designed based on a water sample provided by NDPR from the Ogbelle Flow Station site. The sample was analyzed and found to have a low pH (3.8), small amounts of metals (aluminum, barium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silica, sodium and zinc) and small amounts of other items (total dissolved solids, chloride and sulfate).

    Chemex, in conjunction with a water treatment company (Water-Filter USA) designed a treatment system to raise the pH (using soda ash), provide chlorine (bleach) to handle any bacteria in the water, iron/magnesium to treat the water (remove rust, etc) and carbon to filter the water. The attached drawing 646-B18 shows the system.

    The Chemex skid includes two (2) duplicate water treatment trains. NDPR will operate only one (1) train at a time to achieve 15 gallons per minute. The other train shall always be shutdown and the trains shall be alternately operated based on scheduled switchovers.

    Chemex is supplying the water treatment skid and 2 years of consumables (pre-filters, soda ash and carbon filter media). NDPR is responsible for providing all items necessary to bring water to the skid and from the skid to the end users (including a storage tank). NDPR also is responsible for supplying the bleach locally (the system will use up to 40 gallons of bleach per month).

    For more information, please download the Water Treatment Skid Procedure.