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    Published: July 5, 2016

    How Does New York Have Surprisingly “Good” Water?

    The concentration of lead in the drinking water in Flint, MI has led to a sharpened public awareness of the real possibility of contaminants in their water supply. With many municipalities reporting infrastructural woes and poor treatment that leads to high levels of unwanted contaminants in the water supply, citizens are more skeptical than ever of the quality of their water.

    In major cities like New York, the average American might imagine that the water quality could suffer from a complex infrastructure that is decaying, or that the sheer volume of water treated and people serviced would translate to high levels of contaminants in the drinking water. But nothing could be further from the truth – New York City actually has some of the safest, cleanest drinking water in the country!

    Multiple factors are responsible for the superb drinking water quality in the Big Apple. The official water quality report issued by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection indicates that the rigorous testing done throughout the year keeps contaminant levels under control. The tap water servicing nine million customers a day is kept in pristine condition due to three major components.

    The water supplies and pipelines throughout New York City are effectively lead-free. Old plumbing in remote parts of the city could possibly allow lead to leech through the piping, but routine water samples in New York indicate that nearly all taps in the city contain insignificant quantities of lead (if any is detected at all). Smart choices in the past have translated into reliably safe water.

    Very few major contaminants are ever detected in New York’s drinking water, as the treatment facilities in the greater city area are topnotch. The water treatment in New York is a top fiscal priority. The few bacteria that have been detected, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, are not shown to cause any particular illnesses. The presence of these bacteria is actively monitored by the DEP, and you can view any updates here.

    All of New York’s drinking water is treated with chlorine to kill most bacteria and viruses. The water is also treated with fluoride to prevent tooth decay among citizens. In addition, water treatment facilities treat the supply with orthophosphate to prevent metals like lead to leech into the water from the surrounding piping. These substances help treat the water and eliminate contaminants so residents of New York drink pure water.

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