blue bogo toothbrush

    Published: February 15, 2016

    Eco-Friendly, Socially Aware Toothbrushes

    With so many affordable eco-friendly products on the market today, it’s no wonder people are becoming green shoppers. From composters and reusable glass bottles to clothing and cooking supplies, there’s an eco-friendly solution for almost all your day-to-day needs. There’s even a green alternative for dental hygiene!

    Bogobrush, a new company founded by Jamestown, North Dakota, siblings Heather and John McDougall, produces recycled and biodegradable toothbrushes—all made in America and with a charitable twist.

    Bogobrush grew out of the McDougall’s shared interest in sustainability. Initially, they chose bamboo for their toothbrush handles, but difficulties with quality control from their Chinese importer caused them to rethink their business model. Bogobrush now offers two types of toothbrush—one with the handle made entirely from recycled plastic, and the other from a biodegradable composite.

    The biodegradable models are made from a recycled resin produced by North Dakota company c2renew. C2renew combines agricultural waste with other materials to produce a cornstarch-based resin. The resulting toothbrush can be composted at the end of their working life.

    Bogobrush toothbrushes are available through their online store, where you can take advantage of their Buy One Give One system. For every toothbrush you buy, the company donates one to someone in need. Bogobrush recently donated almost 1000 toothbrushes to Fargo’s Family Healthcare.

    Green, American-made, and giving back to the community. We need more companies like Bogobrush. In fact, at Pelican we can’t help but feel we know a company with similar values . . .