Published: September 29, 2016

    National Coffee Day: Celebrate with Cold Brew!

    National Coffee Day is right around the corner. On September 29th java lovers around the world can celebrate knowing their love affair with a delicious morning jolt is being nationally recognized. Many classic coffee chains and hot spots will offer discounts and even free coffee, if you know where to go!

    Instead of running out into the rat race to get your hands on a cup of joe, you can brew your own delectable coffee at home and save on cost and time. Cold brew is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and with these ideas you can make some DIY cold brew like an expert. Remember to always start with crisp, fresh filtered water to make the best coffee possible.

    First, a quick cold brew recipe breakdown:

    • 1-1/2 cups of cold filtered water
    • 1/3 cup of medium coarse ground coffee
    • Milk (your preference)

    First, grab a mason jar and stir together your filtered water and coffee. Cover your mixture and let it sit overnight while you sleep.

    In the morning strain your coffee concentrate twice through a coffee filter or a fine-mesh sieve. Fill a tall glass with ice, and mix an equal amount of your coffee concentrate and cold water (you can mix up the balance as needed for taste). Add milk if you like.

    This is the basic cold brew template, but as a coffee connoisseur you’ll probably want to add a signature twist to properly celebrate National Coffee Day. Try some of these tantalizing variations to make your cold brew coffee unique and tasty.

    • Syrup – You probably know that sugar doesn’t probably dissolve in cold liquid. Beat the system by adding flavored sugar to your cold brew! Cook a batch of simple syrup and you can add in various flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. Be sure to strain out your cinnamon stick or other add-on before cooling your syrup.
    • Coconut Milk – Change the flavor and texture of your cold brew by experimenting with multiple types of milk. Coconut milk adds an ultra-sweet taste and rich texture to cold brew coffee. Keep your coconut milk refrigerated before adding it in, and go with full-fat coconut milk for optimal flavor.
    • Beans – Fundamentally alter the taste profile of your coffee by switching up the type of coffee beans you use in your cold brew. For a lighter floral or citrus taste change it up with Kenyan or Ethiopian beans. That said, with these beans you’ll want to avoid creamy dairy products and milk, so choose wisely.
    • Tonic – For the ultimate variation, combine your coffee concentrate with tonic water for added bubbly and something sweet for taste. Instead of milk, go with something like cherries for a drink at home at the swankiest cocktail bars. Tonic water-coffee provides a boost in more ways than one.

    Make your own cold brew and commemorate National Coffee Day in style.