Published: December 18, 2017

    How to Make a DIY Holiday Tree Stand

    One of the most enduring staples of the winter holiday season is the classic tree that has been connected with Christmas since the 16th century in Germany. This year you may be browsing the variety of fir, spruce, and pine trees with your family in the parking lot of your local grocery store, or you may decide to order a reusable artificial tree online.

    For either case, your holiday tree stand is often an afterthought. Most vendors that sell holiday trees have the standard plastic varieties available during checkout, but those stands are purely functional. What if you could make your own holiday tree stand that served as its own decoration?

    Here are some terrific DIY holiday tree stands that you can make with your family this year:

    The Charlie Brown Tree Stand

    Perhaps the most iconic holiday tree throughout the history of pop culture, the humble tree in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” really drives home that, often, the simplest trees are the ones most in line with the holiday spirit.

    If you have a smaller space and choose to bring home a tree 5 feet in height or shorter, consider evoking some 1960s nostalgia with this classic cross tree stand. Visit Instructables for a step-by-step guide including videos.

    All you really need for this tree stand is a wooden board (perhaps a one-by-four), a drill, and screws. The length of the sides of the wooden cross should be at least 10 inches, and if you have a taller tree you will want to make them longer for added support.

    Recycled Tire Tree Stand

    One way to add a bit of quirkiness to your holiday décor is to think outside of the box! If you have an old or spare time gathering dust in your garage this year is the perfect opportunity to transform your tree stand into a work of art.

    Simply clean off the tire and choose a vibrant hue to paint the tire (perhaps a color that compliments your lights, ornaments, or the walls in the room where you place the tree). Install a small, pipe or tubing based stand inside the tire, and then attach your tree.

    Fill the space in the middle of the tire with cotton balls or decorative snow and you have created a truly unique DIY holiday tree stand! For some added tips and helpful visuals head to Lolly Jane.

    Galvanized Holiday Tree Collar

    If you’re comfortable using a drill and a jigsaw you can add a rustic metallic touch to contrast your holiday tree for an extremely low price. First, run out to the hardware store and purchase a galvanized tub.

    Using your drill, create a small hole in the base of the tub. Then, use the jigsaw to remove the base completely. In order to turn the tub into a collar cut the tub down the side as well. If the edges are sharp grab a hammer and pound them down.

    Install a standard tree base, filling it with filtered water to keep your tree fresh for as long as possible. Then you can wrap your collar around to give it a professional and approachable look.

    Any of these DIY ideas will help you create your own signature holiday tree stand. Try out a different style each year to see what you like best. Have a wonderful holiday season!