Make America's Water Great Again

    Published: June 28, 2016

    We Can Make America’s Water Great Again

    Well, another week, another water crisis. As you may know, there have been several infrastructural problems and dangerous contaminations in our nationwide water system that have endangered the citizens of this fine country.

    And not just in Flint, Michigan, where the fallout from the water crises continues with no end in sight. All over the country the water supply isn’t great at all – it’s embarrassing. There are boil alerts everywhere you look. From Texas to the Heartland states of Montana and Illinois, news that tap water isn’t safe to drink is constantly surfacing.

    Citizens don’t know what organizations they can trust. Residents in Alabama are scrambling after the EPA reported that harmful chemicals are present in the local water supply. The water utilities are happy to just tread water until a lawsuit or a PR disaster unfolds.

    And this is only the beginning. Yes, you heard that right. We have reason to believe that the lead contamination in Flint isn’t an isolated event. Along with the ever-spreading water boil notices and contamination alerts, this is a sign that we can’t trust “big water.” We can’t rely on the EPA or the water municipalities to get the job done. If we want peace of mind, we alone have to take control and make America’s water great again.

    Why is tap water around the country so consistently awful? Because the regulations and parameters we establish aren’t being maintained by those in charge. We need an infrastructural overhaul. We need to build pipes and processing plants. But what can we do in the meantime to make our water great, safe, and drinkable? I’m glad you asked.

    We all have to take responsibility for our own water quality. You can make huge strides of improvement in your own home by ensuring your tap water is pure and clean. The best way to manage your water quality is to install a comprehensive water filtration system that attacks the enemy – water contaminants – right when it gets to your home.

    A Pelican Water whole house water filter manages the water quality all around your home. Have you heard of reverse osmosis? This type of filter makes a big impact by reducing dangerous contaminants from drinking water right at the point of use.

    Take a stand and protect your family against the next water crisis. You’re in control of your home’s water quality. Install a dependable Pelican Water filter system you can count on.