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    Published: July 23, 2016

    Keep Your “Hot Dog” Cool on National Hot Dog Day!

    Americans sure do love our hot dogs. July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day, and while we love our favorite barbecue menu item cooked to a crisp we certainly don’t want our actual dogs hot at all. But with the sweltering heat and humidity of one of the hottest summers on record beating down on us, what are we to do?

    Follow these puppy-approved tips to keep your dog cool and refreshed on a hot summer day. Sure, making sure your pup is hydrated is a great place to start, but many breeds are covered in thick fur or hair – you need to take extra precautions when it’s toasty outside.

    • Portable Food Bowls – the first step to a happy, cool dog is one that’s hydrated throughout the day. If you’re planning a family outing to the park or a group barbecue, always bring pop-up bowls for your animals as they pant and lose water in the heat. Many portable bowls like this model from PetSmart are fully collapsible and very affordable.
    • Spray Bottles – Dogs cool down from the bottom up, as the heat they’ll absorb will primarily come from the ground. Pack a small spray bottle filled with water and, if your canine friend starts panting heavily, spray him or her down. Be sure to spray an extra coat on their paws and on their stomach so they’ll cool down faster.
    • Doggie Boots – Hot dogs are best left to the grill. If you have a puppy who can’t seem to cool off, invest in some doggie boots. Heat rises from the hot cement and asphalt that your dog is traipsing across all day, so protect your pup with a layer separating their sensitive paws from the ground.
    • Curtains – For some homeowners, the magic of air conditioning protects their pets from overheating while they’re at work or school. But for others, homes can heat up during the day and make their dog uncomfortable and dehydrated. Install curtains that repel light and heat to keep the interior of your house cool during peak sunlight hours. Too many unfiltered windows create a greenhouse effect.
    • Water Filters – The tap water your pets drink should be as pure and refreshing as possible. Standard tap water contains chlorine, which can react with organic matter in your water system to form carcinogenic and potentially dangerous trihalomethanes. A reverse osmosis water filtration system will reduce many contaminants and substances that your dog shouldn’t be drinking.
    • Brushing – Some pet owners may assume that trimming the hair or fur of their furry best friend would help them cool down. But some parts of the coat of a dog or cat protect them from sunburn and help them not to overheat. Instead of trimming hair, brush your pet often so loose hair or fur doesn’t block their pores.

    Cook hot dogs to your heart’s content on July 23rd, and make sure that your Oscar Mayer is the only hot dog around – we care about the safety of your pets! How do you celebration National Hot Dog Day?