Published: May 18, 2018

    John Arias Trains to Win With Pelican Water

    After reading about the incredible technology behind Pelican Water’s filtration systems I couldn’t wait to train using their filtered water. It has been 3 months since I’ve been drinking Pelican Water’s refreshing filtered water, and I have to say it’s been nothing but rewarding.

    Two weeks ago I returned home from Spain, where I always start my annual training for the cycling racing season. For ten days I cover 100 miles or more per day along some of the most mountainous regions of the remote backcountry. This isn’t a typical workout – biking 100 miles without a break for that many days in a row is hardcore training that demands 100% from your body.

    Given the grueling conditions even seasoned experts can expect setbacks or disappointments when undertaking such an intense workout regimen. It just comes with the territory! My performance, however, really exceeded my expectations. I succeeded in all of my personal challenges every day during my training, and accomplished even more than I planned. I believe part of that success is owed to Pelican Water. I have eliminated so many harmful chemicals from my body by using filtered water, and the results speak for themselves.

    During a hard day of riding on a beautiful, scenic country road my riding mates and I discovered a natural water fountain. These are common in Europe, and help cyclists, hikers, and explorers in isolated areas. It’s something we don’t normally get to see in our fast-paced, busy life.

    As I drank water from this naturally occurring fountain I was reminded of the water from my own faucet: crystal clear water. Pelican Water made it possible for my family and I to have the freshest and purest water available right in our home. As we began back on the road I thought about this immense sense of relief and reassurance I felt. Many people do not have this privilege, and must constantly monitor their water quality to protect against all kinds of problems. There really is nothing like drinking water from your tap without ever worrying.

    Another great perk? I have stopped buying countless water bottles. I don’t need bottled water when I have a Pelican Water System that provides better water. I can fill up my reusable bottle and reduce the amount of plastic that just ends up in a dump or in the ocean. If you make the switch you’ll notice the difference immediately, and leave bottled water in the dust where it belongs.

    Thanks to Pelican Water my overall cycling performance improved and I’m looking forward to this year’s racing season. Check back soon for more updates as I enter the season charged and ready to go. Thanks to my fans for following my journey.