Published: April 21, 2015

    Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

    Every day, thousands of families go about their business seemingly unaware of the potential dangers lurking in their water supply. Water that comes out of your tap is not always healthy, clean, or good for the environment. Families that are unfamiliar with water contamination may have no idea that their home water has been compromised because most contaminants are too small to see, taste, or smell.

    Drinkable Water 101

    Most drinkable water is full of natural minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are both key to sustaining healthy lives. Without these minerals, water would be overly acidic. Unfortunately, over the past hundred years, an increasing amount of other materials, compounds, and chemicals have found their way into many water sources.

    According to the EPA, less than 0.5 percent of the Earth’s water is usable. Sadly, industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and environmental pollutants are negatively impacting our ability to treat and drink fresh water. Household cleaners, fertilizers, cosmetics, and other contaminants are further compounding the problem. Scientists have even detected traces of prescription medications in the nation’s water supply.

    Is Hard Water Safe to Drink?

    Many regions of the country have tap water that has a distinct taste or smell. These conditions occur due to trace contaminants like sulfur or manganese, not hard water. Hard water contains a higher presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium and has no impact on water’s smell or taste. However, it still has some undesirable qualities. In addition to causing stains on dishes and surfaces in your home, hard water can cause harmful scale buildup in dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and pipes. This buildup can result in costly repairs, replacements, and leaks.

    If you are concerned about hard water, a Salt Water Softener will effectively reduce the mineral ions in your water while generating minimal backwash. A Water Softener Alternative with Salt-Free Technology reduces hard water scale and buildup while leaving beneficial minerals in your water, thereby using zero salt or electricity.

    How Clean Is Your Drinking Water?

    From chemicals and metals to microorganisms and volatile organic compounds, there are a staggering number of contaminants that can enter the water supply. These contaminants can cause an array of health problems, including birth defects, organ damage, and much more. So, how can you tell when contaminants enter your water supply? Is drinking your tap water safe?

    The best way to determine the safety of your drinking water is to test your water to detect all possible contaminants. Our Pelican Rapid Water Test provides accurate breakdowns of the contaminants in your water supply so you can outfit your home with the appropriate water filtration system. Learn more about water test kits put you in control of your water quality.

    Solutions for Water Contamination

    For people with private wells, home filtration systems are critical for reducing toxins and microorganisms that might otherwise cause serious illness. Households in regions with municipal water supplies still are at risk for water contamination, especially in areas affected by groundwater infiltration and with regular boil water alerts.

    The most comprehensive water solution available is our Whole House Water Filter System. Installing a whole-house filter at your point-of-entry reduces the chlorine, chloramines, and chemicals going to every tap in your home. Our whole house filters:

    • Use a 4-stage filtration process to remove sediment, filter contaminants, and prevent bacterial growth
    • Help you enjoy softer skin and hair, free of the drying effects of chemicals
    • Destroy 99.9% of microorganisms to safeguard against boil water alerts without affecting the taste or odor of water
    • Generate zero wasted water, drainage, or chemical discharge
    • Come ready to install, so you don’t need to hassle with an expensive installation process or costly long-term maintenance
    • Come with media containing a 650,000-1,3000,000-gallon/5-year capacity that you can easily replace at a fraction of the cost of the competition

    The simplest way to ensure your drinking water is safe is to install a complex water filtration solution and proactively test your water quality when you suspect something may be lurking in your water.