Published: August 2, 2018

    International Beer Day is This Friday

    Have any weekend plans? You do now! International Beer Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in August. This Friday, August 3, you can partake in a revered worldwide celebration of one of our most cherished and consumed beverages. More than 50 countries in the world hold special events to commemorate this holiday in honor of the most popular alcoholic beverage ever.

    Beer has been around since the beginning of recorded civilization, as early as 6,000 B.C. This preferred elixir is available in two distinct types, ale and lager, and is sold in thousands of varieties the world over. The recent boom of small local breweries has brought craft beer to the masses and exponentially increased the amount of beer available.

    There is no wrong way how to enjoy International Beer Day. We recommend:

    Finding a Celebration

    Many pubs and bars are packed on International Beer Day, in no small part due to discounts and promotions that allow you to enjoy a pint of house ale for a steeply discounted price. Call the pubs near you to see if any are hosting special events, and if they are offering deals on beer throughout the day.

    Don’t partake in International Beer Day by yourself: get your best friends together and organize a group outing with a designated driver for a safer and more enjoyable evening. Depending on where you live doing a pub crawl through downtown is an excellent way to spend the holiday. International Beer Day always takes place on a Friday so you have ample time to recover.

    Brewing Beer at Home

    Try your hand at brewing your own signature beer! This is not a casual activity to undertake at the last minute: instead, read our guide to home brewing so you can sufficiently prepare for the brewing process. Once you have mastered the basics check out our favorite fall and winter beer recipes so you can brew throughout the year.

    Of course, whenever you decide to brew at home only use the highest quality filtered water in order to create a pure, tasty lager or ale. The contaminants in and the hardiness of your drinking water can affect the quality of your home brew, so take the proper precautions when trying to brew in your home. Research methods of going green and reducing your footprint to further improve your home brew.

    Trying New Beers

    Don’t forget the “International” part of International Beer Day. Brewing methods and taste palettes all differ across the globe, so be adventurous and try a sampling of new beers from different countries.

    You can try to order some online, or you can contact the bars in your area to see what international varieties they serve. In any case, tie in your IBD festivities by learning something new about each country whose beer you are drinking. Who says beer can’t be educational?

    Thanking Your Bartender

    Many people work tirelessly to connect us with great-tasting beer, so during International Beer Day take a few minutes to write a note, make a phone call, or simply leave a generous tip to your reliable bartender or brewer.

    Join in the communal spirit of International Beer Day by trying any or all of these fun activities. Drink responsibly, and stay hydrated with filtered water throughout the day to curb the unwanted effects of drinking. Happy International Beer Day!