Published: July 31, 2018

    How to Stay Hydrated at Outdoor Summer Events

    New festivals spring into existence every year, packing every weekend of the summer full of opportunities to work on your tan and rock out to the some talented musical acts in the summer heat. Even if you’re not a musical festival fan you’ll likely attend at least one outdoor summer event this season, whether it’s an all-day movie marathon, a sporting event, a state fair, or a corporate retreat.

    No matter what type of outdoor event you find yourself at you will quickly learn the value of filtered water when you’re hot, sweating, and absolutely parched. Drinking water throughout the event will keep you comfortable and help you avoid the calamitous health effects of dehydration. Here are our top tips to stay hydrated when you’re having fun in the sun:

    Pack Your Own Water

    Any water available at the venue will likely cost a fortune, and will be in a dreaded plastic bottle. Save money and reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment by filling and bringing a reusable stainless steel bottle to the event.

    Many music festivals and large events will have convenient water-refilling stations scattered throughout the grounds, so stay aware of your surroundings and refill whenever you’re running low. Many dehydrated attendees at medical tents knew they were dehydrated, but couldn’t beat the long lines for concessions when the sun was beating down. Plan ahead so you never run out of water.

    Choose Water-Rich Foods

    Buying snacks and meals from food vendors? Choose some fruits and vegetables that naturally contain high amounts of water to preemptively combat dehydration. Grapes and melons (especially watermelon) will significantly contribute to your hydration level without a sip of water.

    Leafy vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes also are water-rich, so keep the greens when you’re ordering a burger or maybe opt for a salad.

    Be Smart About Caffeine and Alcohol

    Your favorite beverages are also the worst for hydration. Both coffee and beer are diuretic, and cause you to urinate more often than if you were sticking to water. They will naturally dehydrate you and cause you to need the restroom more often.

    At music festivals this can translate to hours spent waiting in a massive line. If you can’t help but grab a cocktail or cappuccino offset these drinks with 12 ounces of water so you remain rehydrated.

    Don’t Wait Until You’re Thirsty

    This is how many summer event attendees get into trouble – they wait until their body is obviously thirsty before trying to sip any water. At this point you are already dehydrated. Avoid low energy and irritability altogether by sipping from your water bottle often throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty. The heat and exertion of walking around all day will deplete you faster than normal, so you need to proactively drink water to have an enjoyable summer outing.

    Staying hydrated at a hot outdoor event is more complicated than just “drink water.” Plan ahead and research the venue so you can keep your reusable bottle filled throughout the day. If you start feeling overheated or depleted get out of the sun, sit down, and drink plenty of water. With these tips at your disposal you should be able to party all day long and remain safely hydrated.