Published: September 11, 2018

    How to Keep Flowers Fresher for Longer

    Presenting your sweetheart with flowers or surprising your mom with a big bouquet on her birthday are kind and moving gestures, but nothing can dampen the mood faster than your carefully arranged flowers wilting days or even hours after you buy them. Luckily there are many simple methods and tricks you can employ at home to keep your fresh cut flowers blooming and vibrant for as long as possible.

    Cut Your Flowers

    Fresh flowers should be cut once a day so the stems can properly absorb water and nutrients. You will also want to cut your stems at an angle to increase the amount of surface area that can absorb water. Cut the stems while submersed in water if possible to prevent air bubbles from being trapped inside. Cut about an inch off the stem each day, and use sharp shears instead of dull kitchen scissors so you don’t crush the vascular systems in the stems.

    Use Chlorine-Free Water

    This step is probably the most important: don’t store your fresh flowers in a vase filled with chlorinated water! Chlorine will cause the stem and the bloom to deteriorate rapidly, cutting the life expectancy of your fresh flowers by multiple days. In order to keep your beautiful flowers looking flawless remove chlorine from your household tap water. Our Whole House Filtration System removes 97% of chlorine from your drinking water to keep your fresh flowers happy and healthy.

    Provide Sugar

    Give your fresh flowers some sustenance so they can thrive even when separated from their roots. One great recipe is to mix two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with the filtered water before adding it to the vase. Change out the water and add the vinegar and sugar each day for best results. An alternate option is to add one-fourth cup of a clear soda like Sprite to your flower’s water for a dose of sugar!

    Limit Bacterial Growth

    Bacteria will ruin your flowers’ chances of remaining in bloom for more than a couple of days. Remove any leaves that fall into the vase water, as those disintegrating leaves will encourage substantial bacterial growth. Beyond this, add one-fourth teaspoon of household bleach per quart of vase water in order to disinfect it. An alternate method of disinfection is to add a few drops of vodka to the vase once a day.

    Store in the Shade

    Avoid placing your fresh flowers on the windowsill or on your front porch. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause the blooms to wilt prematurely, maybe in as little as a day. Instead, present your flowers in a cool place protected by shade, like a kitchen counter or on the dresser in your bedroom. Also take care not to place the fresh flowers too close to a bowl of fruit. Ethylene gas that emits from fruit will damage flowers and cause them to wilt faster.

    By following these simple steps you can enjoy your bouquet or flower arrangement for several more days than originally anticipated. Always use filtered water free of chlorine to keep your flowers happy, and to keep your skin and hair healthy as well.