How to Easily Replace Your Sediment Filter

The best part about our Pelican Sediment Filter models PC40 and PC80 is that you can change the filters yourself. There’s no waiting around for maintenance to come and do the job. 

Changing your filter

Before changing your filter, turn off the main water supply that runs through your system. Also, make sure all your tanks are in bypass. 

With your tanks in bypass, go ahead and open the nearest faucet to relieve any pressure. Leave that faucet open for the remaining steps. Once the water stops dripping, remove the blue housing from the cover. Take your wrench, apply a little force, and turn it clockwise (looking down at the wrench) to loosen it up. 

When you remove the blue filter housing, it will be full of water, so have a bucket handy to catch the spillage. After pouring out any residual water, it’s time to change the cartridge and O-ring

Discard the current O-ring and cartridge before continuing with the new set. Once you’re ready, start by applying the new O-ring. It will fit more comfortably into the grooves if you apply a liberal amount of food-grade silicone grease. Use your fingers to coat the ring before placing it on the groove and flattening it to fit the outer rim of the blue housing. 

Next up is the cartridge. Remove the wrapping, center it into the blue housing, and lock it in place. Take the blue housing and secure it back to the cover. Hand-turn it in the counter-clockwise direction. Use your wrench to tighten it, but don’t make it too tight. 

Now, slowly turn back on the main water supply. The faucet should still be open, so you’ll see the water running smoothly through it. When you’re ready, put the tanks back in service, and you’re good to go. 

Why should I change my water filter?

It’s essential to change and maintain your water filter for it to function correctly. Your filter works hard to collect sediment and debris, so that contaminants aren’t infiltrating the water that comes into your home. After a few months, filters can get clogged. If the system becomes too clogged, then water can’t properly pass through, and the filter is no longer able to do its job. Change your filter so you can get clean water and the most use out of your filter.

How often should I change my filter?

Depending on the water quality in your area, you should change out your filter every six to nine months. Of course, if you feel that the water flow is slowing down or the color has darkened, make adjustments sooner rather than later. If you can’t remember when you should change your filter, try these tips.

  • Mark it on your calendar 
  • Buy multiple filters so that you have one on standby 
  • Pair tasks around the house together with changing your filter

Changing your filter is not supposed to be difficult. At Pentair Pelican Water Systems, we want it to be convenient for you to have the clean water that you deserve. Our Water Shield Auto-Ship Program enables you to lock in your pricing when you buy. When you join, replacement filters are automatically shipped out — you never have to remember when it’s time to change your filter.

If you need assistance with changing your filter or have more questions about the process, please call Pentair Pelican Water Systems today at 877-207-7380.