Published: November 9, 2017

    Hosting Your First Friendsgiving: A Step-By-Step Guide

    In recent years demographics have changed and family units have shifted, but our love for coming together during Thanksgiving hasn’t changed at all. In large cities friends who are away from their families consolidate forces for a makeshift joint celebration with their local “family,” and blended families around the country buck tradition and break bread over one roof.

    If you’re considering hosting your first “Friendsgiving” follow this handy guide for a successful event.


    One of the benefits of choosing Friendsgiving over a standard family Thanksgiving is that you are celebrating with your peers. If you are hosting, everyone else can help you cook, prepare, and take care of crucial tasks during the big day. Don’t take on everything yourself: try to keep the work equal!

    Use Google Docs

    The easiest way to divide up the cooking and other tasks is to create an online spreadsheet that al of your guests can view and edit. Make a list of dishes, and make sure everyone chooses one to cook. Stick with food that can be easily transported in Tupperware or serving dishes – Friendsgiving shouldn’t be a stressful affair.

    Turkey Time 

    Transporting a fully cooked turkey is quite a feat – don’t force anyone of your guests to do that unless they insist. Typically, the easiest division of labor is for the host to handle the turkey and for the guests to cook the remaining dishes. Depending on your guest list you may each cook multiple dishes, but leave the largest dishes for your own kitchen.

    Don’t Forget the Details

    You won’t simply need ten piping hot dishes to serve: what about disposable silverware? Napkins? Snacks? Wine? Drinks? Your spreadsheet should include one table for food and another for everything else needed to make your celebration a success. Again, divide up the responsibility equally. You shouldn’t be saddled with the most expensive items.

    Plan Ahead 

    Start prepping your food and cleaning your space before Thanksgiving arrives. Though your guests will be pitching in significantly you want to be relaxed and flexible on the day of the celebration, so take care of as much as possible beforehand to free up your time in those crucial hours before guests arrive.

    Assemble a Team

    Don’t juggle multiple tasks while you’re hosting. That’s what friends are for! As much as you can, delegate duties for Friendsgiving on your spreadsheet as well. Maybe one guest can be in charge of filling drinks, while another clears and sets dishes as they are heated and prepared. If you have one guest that doesn’t drink they can help get everyone home later in the evening and relax during the first part of Friendsgiving. Take all of your friends into account and assign tasks based on their strengths.

    Stay Hydrated

    Heavy food like turkey and stuffing coupled with wine is a combination that can make you and your guests groggy, or worse, dehydrated. Don’t let the conversation die or allow anyone to start feeling unwell. Serve crisp filtered water throughout the evening so your guests have plenty of H2O in their system late into the evening.

    Have Fun!

    Friendsgiving celebrations are a perfect opportunity to embrace a casual décor and atmosphere. Put on some music, relish the conversation, and expect a few delays. Plan on at least one guest being late, and prepare some snacks if this affects the time you serve dinner. Just enjoy your time with the friends you love and you’re sure to have a splendid Friendsgiving.