Published: December 18, 2015

    Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

    Winter is a time to come together with family and friends to celebrate the joys of the season. It’s a time when many households exchange gifts to show their love and appreciation. It’s also a time when unhealthy habits surface. Help your loved one’s develop healthy habits and stay away from bad ones throughout the winter and into the New Year. With these seven gift ideas, you’ll be giving the gift of good health.

    Beginner Yoga Kits

    Yoga in all of its forms has become increasingly popular in the U.S., and with good reason. Benefits include increased flexibility, balance, strength, and reduced stress, as well as increased heart health and endurance.

    Encourage a family member with a beginner yoga kit. The exact contents vary with each kit, but most include a yoga mat, resistance ball, strap, and a workout DVD of gentle beginner poses. If your family member takes a liking to the practice, you can buy him/her a membership to a local studio the following year.

    Natural Light Desk Lamps

    The days become shorter in winter, and we’re exposed to less natural sunlight. For many people, less sunlight brings on the blues. Natural sunlight helps keep people’s spirits up during the dark winter months by providing light that mimics sunlight. Exposure to full-spectrum light increases the production of vitamin D and raises serotonin and melatonin levels, two neurochemicals that affect mood and sleep patterns.

    Non-Aerosolized Oil Mister

    Cooking with olive oil is a heart-healthy alternative to butter or margarine, but you still need to limit how much oil you use. With a pump-action, non-aerosolized mister, you can spritz baking dishes and pans with olive oil while limiting the calories olive oil adds to your meals.

    Glass Water Bottles

    Why would glass water bottles encourage a healthy lifestyle? We’re glad you asked. Pelican’s stylish glass bottles offer a host of health advantages over plastic, which leaches chemicals into drinking water and damages the environment.

    Fitness Monitors

    You can spend a small fortune on a wrist-worn fitness monitor, but there are also many budget-friendly and efficient models compatible with a wide range of fitness-based phone apps. Track everything from the amount of steps you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burned to your heart rate and sleep patterns.

    Specialty Teas

    Coffee may be the national hot beverage, but that doesn’t mean a steady intake of caffeine is good for you. If you’ve got a relative who enjoys hot drinks but wants to lower their caffeine intake, offer an alternative with some high-quality un-caffeinated teas. Made with freshly boiled filtered water, a good cup of tea is just as refreshing as a cup of Joe.

    Donating to a Worthy Cause

    For a special gift that brings joy to many people, consider making a donation in your loved one’s name. Choose a charity you know they support, and spread your holiday cheer far and wide. After all, nothing promotes feelings of health and satisfaction quite as much as the act of giving!