Hair Myths Debunked

    We all spend plenty of time washing, conditioning, drying, and treating our hair. Your hair serves as a fashion statement and a natural extension of your personality. In recent years, many hair myths have started popping up, making people question their tried-and-true hair care methods. We’ve all heard by now that some people experience great success with the “no shampoo” approach, but how reliable is that information? Which of these myths can you trust?

    We’ve sorted through the rumors and half-truths to debunk common hair care myths to help you remain confident in your hair treatment.

    • Myth: Plucking Grey Hairs Make More Appear This is a fairly simple hair myth to debunk. If you pluck a specific hair multiple times from the same follicle, it is more likely to become damaged and may not grow back. If you pluck the same grey hair consistently you will increase the odds of it not returning.This myth is well-propagated because the amount of grey hair on your head is only going to increase over time, meaning if you find one grey hair on your scalp today many more will probably grow in that area. Plucking can take care of one rogue hair, but as your hair color naturally starts to change you should avoid picking out all of your hair.
    • Myth: If You Have Greasy Hair You Shouldn’t Condition What a classic example of trying to solve a problem with the wrong solution. Conditioning doesn’t cause greasy hair: the skin on your scalp producing too much sebum causes greasy hair. Removing your conditioner from the mix will only worsen the state of your hair. Conditioned is essential to lock in moisture for your mid-lengths and ends so your hair retains its shape.If you have naturally greasy hair, try to solve the problem using another method. A clarifying shampoo can help take care of that overly greasy scalp, as can an oil-based shampoo that counteracts the oil on your skin with nullifying cleansing oil.
    • Myth: Vegetarians’ Hair is Thinner Not eating meat will not jumpstart the process of hair thinning. Many believers of this rumor are, again, linking the wrong cause to a specific result. In this case, the real problem that can cause thin hair is an iron deficiency for a long period of time. Iron, vitamin D, and zinc are all important minerals and vitamins for thick, healthy hair. There are several foods that contain all of those minerals other than meat.To boost your iron levels, regularly consume beans, green vegetables like spinach, and dried fruits. You can get more vitamin D by simply going outside more often, and you can get zinc from spinach (yes, again), kidney beans, seeds, garlic, and peanuts. In addition, you can keep your hair and nails healthy by taking a low dose of biotin regularly.
    • Verified: You Shouldn’t Rinse Your Colored Hair With Hot Water This last one isn’t a myth: it’s true. If you’ve recently dyed your hair, you should follow certain protocol in order to retain your hair color for as long as possible. Rinsing with hot water will lift your outer cuticle layer, which in turn will cause your bold new color to slowly fade. The hotter the water you use to rinse your hair, the faster your color will disappear.Why is this? Think about it logically: if you use hot water in a laundry cycle and you include both white shirts and shirts with vibrant red dye, you’re very likely to end up with a multitude of pink shirts. Hot water makes dye easier to remove, which holds true for your hair as well.However, hot water is not the only factor that can cause your hair to fade. Hard water can reduce the boldness of your hair color too, and if the water in your home is “hard water” the best method of treatment is to install a Pelican Water water softener alternative with salt free technology or EZ-Connect compact water filter/softener Showering in soft water keeps your hair healthy and colorful. Depending on where you live, unfiltered shower water can lead to frizzing and fading quickly.

    Remember, not all facts are created equal. Do your research whenever you hear another hair care myth!