Published: October 25, 2018

    Hair Care Tips to Add to Your Fall Routine

    The hot and humid days of summer have all but vanished, and as we head into the chillier months of fall expect dryer air and dryer hair. You need to reevaluate your hair care routine and make some changes in order to maintain soft and strong locks that will survive the winter. But don’t worry — keeping your hair healthy is as simple as following these steps.

    Go In for a Trim

    Even if you are growing your hair out and rarely visit your local salon you should make an appointment to get a trim every 8 weeks, or every 12 weeks at most. Your hair may be damaged or dried out from the sun exposure in the summer, and you’ll be susceptible to breakage if you have long hair. Getting a trim takes care of those splint ends and leaves your hair looking healthy.

    Up the Moisture


    To counteract the dryer weather you should incorporate a gloss or mask treatment into your daily hair routine. Doing this will give your hair plenty of healthy shine and ensure your ends are conditioned. During the fall try to do a heavy-conditioning treatment bi-weekly to fight the tangles and frizz that comes from wearing hats and scarves in the fall and winter.

    Skip the Ponytail

    Ponytails are ideal for summer activities like going to the beach or heading to a concert, but in order to reduce breakage and scalp stress in the fall you should avoid wearing your hair up often. Softly pin your hair up or wear it completely down to relax your hair throughout the season. Definitely don’t wear a ponytail to bed!

    Update Your Shampoo and Conditioner

    Check that your trusted shampoo and conditioner combination is sulfate-free so it doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils and lipids. Also, keep in mind that specific brands of shampoos and conditioners are engineered to complement each other, so you should always use both. Don’t mix and match different shampoos and conditioners or you could jeopardize your perfect sheen.

    Filter Your Water

    Chlorine causes frizzy, dry hair and damages color-treated hair, making it fade. Even if you don’t set foot in a pool all fall you can be exposed to high levels of chlorine while taking a shower! Install a Premium Shower Filter in your bathroom to protect your skin and hair from the long-term drying effects of chlorine. You may even notice your skin is less red than it used to be.

    Protect Against the Heat

    We know it’s cold during the fall, but we’re not talking about the sun. Heat-activated hair care products can really damage your hair once it’s cold outside, so consider investing in products like spray, mousse, or cream to add a layer of protection. If you must blow-dry your hair start with a layer of protectant on your hair while it’s wet to avoid breakage.

    Stick to your old habits and you may enter a world of frizz, breakage, and unruly dry hair. Look your best by making these changes to your daily hair care regimen.