Published: December 23, 2015

    Giving the Gift of Health This Holiday Season

    You can always tell when the holidays are closing in. Commercials bombard viewers with images of new games and gadgets, radio stations play holiday music, and families are dashing in and out of stores searching for the perfect holiday gift. What exactly is the perfect gift to give the ones you love? What kind of holiday gift will last?

    As the Chief “Happy” Officer (CEO) here at Pelican Water, I care a great deal about staying healthy. I also know how easy it is to let little details slip through the cracks. You can feel rushed and stressed during December with all the gift shopping, dinner planning, and holiday celebrations. Anxiety certainly bubbles up during the holidays and can permeate every facet of life in our go-go-go society.

    When you’re working hard to give your family every advantage and privilege you can, don’t forget about the details that affect what’s most important: their health. I know it’s hard to make time to tend to everything, but it’s absolutely imperative to tend to the water in your home. Tap water contains trace amounts of chemicals and contaminants. Please take a moment this holiday season to consider the benefits of providing cleaner water to those you love most. Time isn’t an issue when a filter system is low-maintenance and easy to install.

    If you give a gift like a Pelican Water filter system to your entire family, you’ll be giving the gift of long-term healthier drinking water and you can’t put a price on that. Getting your kids in the habit of drinking purer filtered water can also help ease them into other healthy habits like eating right, flossing, and exercising. Invest in your family’s future so they can enjoy all of those magnificent toys and gadgets while drinking healthier, fresher filtered water. Seventy-five percent of Americans are dehydrated; don’t let your family fall into that all-too-large percentage. With delicious filtered water available, family members are more likely to drink the recommended amount of water they need per day.

    If you snag a filter system or an on-the-go bottle now, you’ll have plenty of time to get the wrapping and bows before the big day. Don’t cut it close – order a whole house filter, drinking filter or an on-the-go bottle today. Giving the gift of health this holiday season speaks volumes. A healthy home never goes out of style.

    – Iain Whyte, CEO of Pelican Water