Published: November 13, 2017

    Giving Back: Water Charities Our Customers Love

    As you can imagine, water cleanliness and treatment is a big deal to us. In the past we donated 25 Pelican Water Drinking Systems to the Whaley Children’s Center in Flint, Michigan, which houses at-risk and abused children. With the cleanliness of Flint’s water still in doubt, we donated our systems to ensure the children at the center have access to what should be every child’s right—cleaner, safer, and healthier water.

    This is just one act by one organization, but there are hundreds of terrific organizations that work tirelessly to improve water quality around the globe. Water is necessary for all life on the planet, but with the constant threat of pollution and the ever-increasing population water contamination concerns continue to mount.

    Even with the backdrop of a growing water contamination problem there is cause for hope. Many great organizations and charities create a better future by investing their time and resources into water conservation and treatment. The following organizations really stand out; consider giving back in the form of a donation or in volunteering your time for one of these water organizations our customers love.

    American Rivers

    American Rivers is an organization that’s true to its name. The members of American Rivers work together to conserve clean water and protect the natural freshwater rivers that comprise the American river system. American Rivers fights against legislation and oversight that endangers wildlife species that call our rivers home. Their problem solving is practical and is informed by sound science.

    Clean Water Fund

    The Clean Water Fund has been successfully campaigning since 1974 to keep our public water clean and to protect it from pollution. In conjunction with Clean Water Action the organization has helped pass landmark bills like the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. The organization develops strong grassroots leadership in its mission to deliver safer and cleaner air and water for all citizens.

    Global Water

    Global Water is a volunteer-based humanitarian organization that focuses on providing long-term safe and sustainable water supplies to rural villagers in developing countries. The organization works on implementing permanent solutions: they build sanitation facilities like latrines, construct hygiene-related facilities like hand washing stations, and purify and distribute new sources of safe water for the villagers they serve.


    Water.org is a non-profit organization that is active in many parts of the world, ranging from Southeast Asia to Central America. They operate on a local level, getting specific communities the funding they need to develop their own water projects and get safe, clean water to the people that live there. Water.org keeps costs down by finding individual funding sources and partner organizations for each project. Their mission is to ensure the communities they serve maintain ownership over the water projects so that ongoing maintenance and care is ensured.

    Charity: Water

    Charity: Water helps solve the water crisis by providing safe access to clean drinking water and also focuses on providing education and improving the health of the people they serve. In order to help the 748 million people who still don’t have access to clean drinking water, Charity: Water gets donors more involved than other organizations. When you sign up on Charity: Water you are directed on setting up your own campaign and activities to raise funds for clean water initiatives. Also, 100% of all donations go directly toward clean water projects. None of your donations go toward operating costs.

    Owners of Pelican Water products can rely on fresh filtered water every time they turn on their tap, but for millions of people around the world clean water is anything but a guarantee. Help others today by giving back to one of these water organizations.