Beautiful Hair from Filtered Shower Water

    Published: July 17, 2014

    Get Smoother, Silkier Hair Starting in the Shower!

    Have you ever that your hair seems especially dry and stiff when you get out of the swimming pool? It’s not the water itself that’s drying you out. The culprit here is the chlorine that is used to treat the water. Avoiding the pool won’t keep you in the clear though. That’s because chlorine is also in your home’s water supply, so you’re washing and showering in it every day!

    Most public water in the US is disinfected with chlorine during the water treatment process. Chlorine helps to eliminatepotentially harmful waterborne contaminants, so it’s added to water before it gets sent out to homes and buildings.While it might be good to protect your health, chlorine in the water supply is not good for your hairstyle!

    Disinfectants in general are used to break down and remove dirt, oil, and bacteria. Our scalps naturally produce a lubricant called sebum that protects hair from damage and daily wear. When we’re exposed to chlorinated water, the chlorine strips the protective sebum from our hair. Without this lubricant, hair dries out and becomes vulnerable to cracking and split ends.Showering in chlorinated water on a daily basis can cause over-drying and leave you with brittle, dull hair.

    Purify Your Shower With a Pelican Premium Shower Filter

    Protect yourself from the effects of chlorinated water and ensure lustrous, healthy hair with a water filtration system. If a whole house water filtration system isn’t right for you,  consider our Pelican Premium Shower Filter. This high-performance filter removes most chlorine and other synthetic chemicals from your shower’s water, producing cleaner, purer H2O. Your softer hair and skin will thank you.Beautiful Hair from Filtered Shower Water

    Our highly advanced shower filter requires no energy and eliminates unpleasant odors. It also diminishes the fading of color treated hair (a major effect of chlorine). And, very importantly, our shower filter maintains the same water pressure you had before.

    Our Premium Shower Filter contains several filters to provide your family with purer water for better health:

    • Copper and Zinc Oxidation Media: Filters chlorine and contaminants from shower water.
    • GAC Carbon Media: This steam-activated carbon media filters out even more chloramines and synthetic chemicals, making the water fresher, cleaner, and odor free.
    • Far Infrared Balls: Volcanic media that induces reduced or negatives ions in water. This produces a lower surface tension and improves skin and hair hydration.

    This product will filter up to 15,000 gallons, enough for 750 ten-minute showers, and also has a refreshing ‘Ocean Breeze’ scent bar for relaxing aromatherapy as you shower.

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of softer and healthier skin and hair while reducing exposure to chlorine, consider a Pelican Premium Shower Filter today!