Published: June 18, 2016

    How to Get Rid of Visible Hard Water Deposits for $2

    I hate hard water mineral deposits with every fiber of my being. That’s not an exaggeration—I loathe the dirty brown stains that develop on my faucets and in my sinks, mocking me with their stubborn refusal to budge.

    When it came time to choose a water filtration system for the home, I selected a point of use under counter filter. It’s just right for my drinking and cooking needs, but doesn’t solve my hard water problem. I’d have selected a water softener alternative with salt free technology to handle my hard water, but I live in a small condominium, the building managers handle the main water supply, and they aren’t in any hurry to deal with the hard water issue.

    Fortunately, my salvation arrived, as it so often does, through Pinterest. I found an environmentally safe, cheap, and above all effective means of removing hard water stains: distilled vinegar.

    Saturate the area with vinegar by covering it with a rag and pouring vinegar over. Use this method with faucets and shower heads by filling a plastic bag and securing it with rubber bands

    Smear this paste over the stained area, completely covering the hard water discoloration.

    Let sit for ten to fifteen minutes (any cleaning chore that has a built-in coffee break in it is fine in my book).

    Wipe off the paste and rinse the clean area with warm water. Really stubborn stains might require some pre-rinse scrubbing with a rough sponge, but the stains usually just melt away!