Published: October 23, 2017

    Fun Ways to Use Dry Ice This Halloween

    Dry ice is synonymous with creepy, spooky Halloween parties – the ultra-cold carbon dioxide creates a natural billowing fog effect as it sublimates directly into gas. You’ve probably seen dry ice used in punch bowls to add that classic cloud of fog at the Halloween party crafts table, but with a few creative adjustments you can use dry ice for many practical applications this Halloween!

    First, a few words regarding handling and safety. Dry ice is carbon dioxide that has been frozen at temperatures below negative 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, at your party no one should treat the dry ice as actual ice and attempt to drink it or swallow it.

    Tell kids they can look, but they shouldn’t touch or swallow! With these precautions in place it’s still completely safe to add dry ice to pitchers of punch or individual drinks, as dry ice will sink right to the bottom of the glass.

    When handling dry ice yourself, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be directly touching it very long – 10 seconds of handling is considered dangerous. Transport with tongs or wrapped in a towel.

    Also, dry ice will sublimate and disappear even in your refrigerator due to its extremely low temperature, so if possible purchase it just an hour or two before your Halloween shindig for best results.

    With this in mind, try these various dry ice applications for a real fright fest:

    • Create your own ghoulish “Witches Brew!” The preparation instructions at Continental Carbonic recommend that you place the dry ice on the bottom of a decorative cauldron then place the smaller punch bowl in the cauldron atop the dry ice to create the effect of a smoky, cloudy cauldron.
    • Add some scares to your décor by inserting dry ice into the center of your carved pumpkins! Depending on the design you’ve chosen the fog may billow out of the “mouth” of the jack-o-lantern. For best results cover the dry ice with a few drops of water to increase the amount of “fog.”
    • You can add dry ice directly into individual drinks and cocktails for about five minutes of billowing effect. For best results try using smaller tumblers. Caution guests not to consume the dry ice – to make sure flakes don’t end up in anyone’s mouth use straws.
    • Appear like the ultimate Ghostbuster by creating large bubbles with “ghosts” trapped inside! Using the guide at Mile High Mamas you can create large bubbles filled with dry ice that pop and emit fog, releasing “ghosts” into the air at your Halloween party.
    • Add some mystique to your decorations by showcasing a vase filled with colorful dry ice bubbles! Fill a tall vase with warm water and then mix in several drops of food coloring and detergent. Place some dry ice at the bottom of the vase and throughout the night bubbles will float to the top and make a distinct popping noise before leaving behind a small cloud of fog.
    • Create the illusion of laser beams by keeping several buckets or cauldrons of dry ice in a small room, keeping the entire room “foggy” during your party. Due to the high amount of particles any laser displays or machines you keep running in the room will be visible as beams that reach the wall. Wow!

    Always take the proper precautions when handling dry ice. Sprinkle some filtered water over your dry ice to kick the fog process into high gear. Have a delightfully spooky Halloween!