Published: April 6, 2015

    Flipping Boston’s Peter Souhleris Endorses Pelican Water Filtration Systems

    If you follow A&E’s hit show Flipping Boston, you know Peter Souhleris the detail-oriented member of the popular show’s two-man team. Peter is big on quality and speed, two vital ingredients when flipping houses in today’s volatile real estate market. The time period in which Peter and his business partner Dave Seymour buy, renovate, and resell homes is much narrower it was before the housing bubble burst, when house flippers could take as much time as they needed.

    When choosing a new water filtration system, Peter’s insistence on quality and speed led him to Pelican Water. He was impressed with Pelican’s ability to match a product to his specific water needs, the ease of installation, and most importantly, the quality of the final product. But don’t take our word for it, here’s Peter’s own opinion: 

    Peter is known for his commitment to research before choosing any product or service, and his enthusiasm throughout the video is contagious. He also manages, in one sentence, to sum up Pelican’s commitment to cleaner, purer water: “Everything I want in the water stays in the water, and everything I want out is gone.” We’re not sure we could say it better ourselves.

    Adding a water filtration system to a home increases its allure to house hunters, especially in regions known for hard water or increasingly common waterborne contaminants. Drinking and cooking water is safer and tastes better. Softening water reduces dry skin and brittle hair associated with hard water. Even your plumbing and water-based appliances benefit—hard water causes mineral build-ups that shorten appliance life and encourage corrosion in plumbing pipes. As Peter’s video shows, the system itself is compact, smart-looking, and easy to access for exchanging filters and other minimal maintenance.

    Whether you’re adding value to you own home, or planning to flip real estate for a quick profit, a Pelican System home water filtration system is the right choice for you. While money is important – and our prices are affordable – you only realize the true value of an efficient, sustainable water filtration system when you drink your first glass of purer, cleaner water. It’s at that moment when you realize what you’ve been missing, and how water’s really supposed to taste. That’s true value.