Published: November 6, 2015

    Five Reasons Employees Need Water to Stay Productive

    How quickly can you access water at work? If the answer is anything other than “immediately,” your productivity and health could be at risk. Even mild dehydration produces a host of physical and mental effects that can make working difficult, if not dangerous. Here are five reasons why your boss might want to consider installing a drinking filter for your office.

    Impaired Mental Performance

    If you’re not getting enough water, your mental alertness drops considerably. Mental performance plummets by as much as 10 percent as soon as you start to feel thirsty. Attention span, concentration, reaction time, and memory recall are all impaired, which can leave more room for error and accidents.

    Loss of Hand-Eye Coordination

    Even mild dehydration can impact your hand-eye coordination, making delicate or detailed work more difficult to complete. We tend to take hand-eye coordination for granted, but it’s vital for almost any job, whether you’re working transportation, handcrafting jewelry, or performing data entry.

    Irritability and Frustration

    People experiencing mild dehydration feel frustrated and irritated more easily than they do when they’re well hydrated. Regularly drinking water helps keep you level headed.

    Increased Headaches

    Headaches are also one of the earliest signs of dehydration along with experiencing fatigue and feeling lightheaded. If you feel a headache beginning, reach for some water. If dehydration is causing your aching head, you should feel relief within about 30 minutes.

    Lowered Productivity

    Given the nature of the first four items in this list, it probably isn’t a surprise that mild dehydration decreases productivity. When your mental and physical capabilities drop, you’re not going to accomplish as much as when you’re at your best.

    So how to avoid the dehydration slump? Ask your boss to install a countertop drinking filter in the staff room to ensure employees always have access to filtered water.

    Sip water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Popular suggestion calls for drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, but exactly how much water you need to drink depends on your weight, age, and activity level.

    If you’re not used to drinking so much water, start with an 8-ounce glass before and during every meal. Consider upgrading the quality of your water with a fruit infuser bottle for a refreshing productivity-enhancing beverage.

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