Published: August 11, 2020

    Find Your Ideal Water Quality Solution

    After you shower, your skin feels dry and flaky. You may smell chlorine that accompanies the steam. You sense that something is “off” with your water and that you may need a water filter to resolve it.

    Another homeowner is consistently finding hard water scale on their fixtures, dishes, and inside water-using appliances. Would you assume that you both would outfit your home with the same water treatment system?

    What Water Filter Do I Need?

    There are many common water contaminants and plenty more unique problems that can happen between water treatment by the local municipality and the water pouring out of a faucet in your home. Because of this, there are a wide range of specialized water filter systems that treat different contaminants and resolve various issues that would make your home’s water unpleasant to drink, bathe and clean with.

    When you’re researching how to improve water quality at home, you’ll find countless types of water treatment solutions that filter contaminants with specialized media, fit homes with a certain number of bathrooms, or avoid brine discharge or electricity use by design.

    To make your life easier and make the process of finding the right water treatment solution painless, we’re proud to launch our Water Treatment Solution Finder that can match you with a great fit in seconds.

    Customized Water Solutions for Your Home

    By answering a few simple questions about your home size, type, geographic region, and water quality problems, you can discover which water treatment solution will best restore your water and help you enjoy drinking from your tap without worry.

    While some organizations may suggest their largest, most expensive solution no matter the situation, at Pentair Pelican Water, we understand that the right fit for your home doesn’t have to break the bank. For example, our Countertop Drinking Filter System is a cost-effective way to deal with common contaminants like chlorine, lead, cysts, VOCs, THMs, PFOA, and PFOS. For apartments and RVs, it’s one of our most-recommended options.

    Do I Need a Water Filter or Softener?

    When you begin your journey to find the right type of water treatment solution, you may not know what kind of system tackles your specific water quality concerns. What major issues do these treatment solutions treat? Here are the water challenges you can expect our solution finder to help address.

    • Hard Water — Hard water scale buildup in your water-using appliances is the direct result of too much calcium and magnesium being present in your water. Hard water scale can reduce the lifespan of fixtures, surfaces and appliances, and is often best-treated with a water softener or water softener alternative.

    • Chlorine — Commonly used to disinfect pools, municipalities also use chlorine to disinfect drinking water around the country. This chemical can lead to an unpleasant taste and odor in your drinking water. Pentair Pelican offers whole house water filters and combo systems that can assist in reducing the amount of chlorine in your tap water as it enters your home.

    • Organic Pathogens — Are you worried about waterborne viruses and bacteria like E. Coli or Cryptosporidium? Add ultra-violet (UV) treatment, a chemical-free water disinfection option, to your solution to reduce microbial contaminants.
    • Lead — Lead can enter drinking water when plumbing materials containing lead corrode. The most common sources of lead in drinking water are older lead pipes, faucets, and fixtures. Affordable Pentair Pelican solutions like our Countertop System, 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, and Drinking Water Purification System can reduce heavy metals like lead in your drinking water.

    Some homeowners come to the table with multiple water quality concerns they need to solve. That’s why we’re here! When you have lingering questions about your water challenges and which treatment solution may be best for you, call the Pentair Pelican Team at 877-451-2641. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through all of the options so you can start enjoying your water with confidence.