Published: December 20, 2018

    Fall 2018 Scholarship Winners

    After the overwhelming response to our first call for Instagram video submissions we focused our fall 2018 College Scholarship Contest on a narrow topic so students could dive into conservation and activism in a meaningful way. Plastic pollution poisons our environment, injures marine life, and even affects our health — it’s one of the most urgent problems we face today. So how can reducing your daily plastic use help the planet, and keep your water clean?

    We asked potential scholarship students to submit an illuminating video on Instagram explaining how they do their part to support a future free of plastic pollution and what challenges you faced along the way. Using the hashtag #pelicanwatersmart students uploaded myriad of insightful and creative that captured our imaginations and our hearts.

    The following three students will receive Pelican Water Sustainability Scholarships to ease the burden of their tuition and fees as they continue their pursuit of higher education:

    Our exceptional 1st-place winner is Claire McGlinchey of Temple University. Claire’s accessible and informative video shed light on one of the most overlooked contributors to plastic waste: produce packaging at the grocery store. In her submission Claire illustrated how joining her school’s community garden gives her access to plastic-free organic produce and allows her to connect with classmates.

    Claire is currently enrolled in the Honors Program at Temple University where she is pursuing concurrent degrees in Communication Studies and Environmental Studies. As our 1st-place winner Claire has been awarded $1500 to help with a variety of educational costs during her junior year.

    We are proud to name Hannah Case as the winner of our 2nd-place prize this semester. In her Instagram video Hannah crafted an easily digestible list that highlighted multiple ways to eliminate common sources of plastic from weekly shopping while making conservation fun. Suggestions included practical tips like using reusable produce bags, buying in bulk and relying on glass jars, and cooking at home instead of ordering food to-go.

    Hannah is in her junior year at Occidental College of Los Angeles where she is working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Economics. As our 2nd-place prizewinner Hannah has earned $1000 to assist with the costs of her classes.

    Thomas Cappelli won our 3rd-place prize with his well-researched and compelling video on Instagram. After contextualizing the serious problems that plastic pollution causes around the globe Thomas touched upon simple ways we can reduce our use of plastic, like buying a reusable straw, relying on washable cloth towels, and buying products packaged in cardboard instead of plastic.

    Thomas is a freshman student in the Honors College at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where he is pursuing a Liberal Arts degree. The 3rd-place prize earns Thomas $500 to help out with costs and fees during his upcoming semester.

    Pay part of your tuition and fees in 2019 by entering our next contest by April 15th. Read the details of this semester’s scholarship contest prompt at our College Scholarship Contest page for full submission information. Every semester we approach conservation, water treatment, and pollution at a new angle, urging students to think about the bigger picture in an original way.

    Congratulations again to our three exemplary winners! Check back in six months for our next round of scholarship recipients.