Family enjoying filtered water

    Published: August 28, 2014

    Why Every Family Should Have Filtered Water in Their Home

    Every parent wants what is best for their children. That’s why we encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables, low fat foods, and to get plenty of exercise. After all, what is more important than ensuring the health of future generations?

    One important area that often doesn’t get enough consideration regarding children’s health is the quality of the water they’re drinking. We all know that drinking enough water is very important for good health. However, it’s just as important to ensure that kids are drinking cleaner water free of potentially harmful contaminants.

    Here are some of the most important advantages of providing filtered water for your family:

    It Tastes Better!

    While this might not sound like a health benefit of filtered water, it does pay health dividends. Water that tastes purer and cleaner, without any chemical aftertaste, is more pleasant to drink. If it tastes good, your children are more likely to drink water rather than sugary soda and juice.

    A good water filtration system removes many contaminants from your water that treatment facilities may have missed. Remember that water can also become contaminated after it is treated due to low water pressure or cracked pipes, so it is a good idea to filter all your home’s drinking water.

    Water filters also remove most of the chlorine from drinking water. Chlorine is what usually gives city water an unpleasant taste. Once most of the chlorine is removed, the water tastes better, and the kids are more likely to fill their glass with it.

    Filtration Removes Lead

    Lead is a very dangerous metal that if consumed over the long term, can have serious health consequences. Public water treatment should remove lead, but having a filtration system in place provides an extra level of security to ensure that all harmful lead particles are gone.

    Protects Children

    Babies and young children are more vulnerable to any illnesses and diseases that waterborne contaminants can carry. With a good water filter, most of these contaminants are removed, and your children are kept safe.

    Filtered Water for Your Family

    One of the most popular ways for families to filter water is the Pelican Premium Drinking Water System. This new water filtration system fits perfectly on a kitchen countertop, and hooks right to the faucet. A Pelican Water filter is a great choice for homeowners or renters, as it is affordable and doesn’t require an extensive installation.

    Keep your family happy and healthy with filtered water from Pelican! To find out which water filtration system is best for you, explore your options here, or give us a call at (877) 842-1635!