Published: April 6, 2018

    Erin Brockovich Sounds Alarm for Dubious Water Quality in Plano, TX

    Local communities in Plano, TX, are now aware of an ongoing water quality debate in their city. Recently, famed legal expert and environmental activist Erin Brockovich became involved by actively reporting on the Plano water quality problem. Brockovich posted publicly on Facebook to call out the water quality in Plano and the surrounding areas of Texas. The North Texas Municipal Water District supplies all of the water in question.

    Brockovich became a national icon after successfully building a case against California utility Pacific Gas & Electric Company in the 90s – without a law degree! A film starring Julia Roberts was made depicting the case. The contaminant featured in the film was the dangerous chromium-6. That’s not the only worrisome contaminant in Plano – multiple sources have found frightening levels of multiple contaminants in the water.

    As CBS DFW reported a few weeks ago many citizens were not aware of the contaminants in their water until Brockovich discussed the problem online. The water utility has been playing defense, assuring the public that the water provided to Plano and nearby areas is safe to drink.

    “We have taken pride in the water quality that we produce at this plant. That is the foremost thing that we look at – is producing high quality water,” stated Mike Rickman, who is the Deputy Director of Operations and Maintenance at the water utility.

    Brockovich has shared that she will visit Plano on April 5th to address citizens directly concerning the possible contaminants in their water. In response Thomas Kula, the executive director of the water utility, said in a statement that the water they treat and deliver meets all federal and state drinking water standards.

    So, what exactly is wrong with the water? The water utility has conducted a “chlorine burn,” which Brockovich claims occurs once a utility “loses control of the water quality,” as per her Facebook post. Brockovich also takes issue with the use of chloramine to treat the water in Plano.

    Though many Americans drink water treated with chloramine, activists like Brockovich point out that using chloramine instead of chlorine to treat water creates byproducts that are 1,000 times more toxic, but aren’t yet regulated.

    Third-party tests of the water in Plano have also returned troubling findings. Chromium-6 has been found in concentrations of 120 parts per trillion, which is 6 times the concentration shown to increase one’s risk of developing cancer. Lead, atrazine, and disinfection by-products (DBPs) have also been found in the water at levels below loose federal standards. The levels reported worry scientific and activist groups.

    Pelican Water’s new customers who are now deciding to install a water filtration system have reported a foul smell in Plano’s water, indicative of excessive chlorine. One customer’s water tested for high levels of cryptosporidium, a microscopic parasite that causes diarrhea.

    If you live in Plano don’t wait to take action. Protect your family from possible contaminants before further damage can be done. The water filtration systems at Pelican Water are designed to filter a variety of dangerous and nuisance contaminants, including chlorine, chloramine, lead, DBPs, microorganisms like cryptosporidium, chromium-6, and more. Contact Pelican Water today to outfit your home with a filtration system built to reduce the specific contaminants in your area.