Published: April 8, 2019

    Enter Our Sustainability Scholarship and Inspire Others to Reduce Water Use

    At Pelican Water we love protecting and filtering the planet’s most valuable and precious resource — water.

    Our “go green” initiative has led to the development of environmentally friendly water softening systems that save energy while eliminating harmful salt and chemical discharge. As the market leader in America’s water softener alternatives, Pelican Water seeks to support the next generation of leaders and innovators with our college scholarship contest. We understand the importance if inspiring younger generations to safeguard the environment and pave the path to a brighter, more sustainable future.

    Unveiling Our New Topic

    For our bi-annual scholarship contest we’re looking for students who display integrity, passion, and a commitment to excellence – the same principles that have guided our business since 1972. Every semester we tweak the topic of our scholarship contests to explore different facets of water treatment and conservation.

    In the fall we asked students to take a deep dive into the perils of plastic pollution, and the video submissions on Instagram displayed an amazing combination of focus, commitment, and creative thinking. This semester we’re tackling an equally important topic: personal water use and conservation. Most families understand basic measures that can reduce their water use, from taking shorter showers to switching to drought-resistant landscaping.

    Water Use: Fast Facts

    Few people have actually calculated their household water use, and the results empower families to make substantial changes and have a real impact on the environment.  We want students to use the Pelican Water Footprint Calculator and learn the details behind their daily, weekly, and monthly water usage. Some facts that may surprise you:

    • Your virtual water use has some of the greatest impact on the environment. Cotton-based clothing requires hundreds to thousands of gallons of water to produce per item, and actions as simple as shopping at a thrift store or utilizing a capsule wardrobe can drastically lower your water footprint.

    • Installing modern plumbing fixtures, sinks, appliances, and showerheads will reduce your water footprint significantly. New low-flow toilets and energy-efficient dishwashers utilize far less water than older models. For example, low-flow toilets use 4x less water than ones designed 30 years ago.

    • In terms of volume, outdoor water use tends to outstrip indoor water use when homes have a yard. Taking steps like switching to hand watering from a sprinkler system and covering your outdoor pool when it’s not in use can slash your overall water usage in half.

    Inspire Others to Conserve Water

    For our spring scholarship contest we are asking students to examine the water use in their own home and compare it to the country at large. We want you to submit a video evaluating your current water usage and explaining how you plan to alter your personal water use and waste less water.

    The scholarship deadline for this round is just around the corner, on April 15. Apply to our sustainability scholarship contest before the deadline and you could win $1500 to help pay for your tuition, board, or books in your next semester of undergraduate or graduate level education.