Published: August 5, 2014

    The Effects of Unfiltered Drinking Water in the Home

    Many people are adamant about drinking plenty of water, but how many consider the potential long-term health effects of drinking unfiltered water?

    Most public water systems collect water from the surface and ground for public consumption. This water is treated of course, but neither source is completely free of contaminants. Yet more exposure to contaminants can happen as drinking water is treated, and even in the delivery process to homes. In all of these areas, there are many types of chemicals and contaminants to which drinking water is exposed. This can cause Americans acute and chronic health effects in some cases.

    How Water Can Become Contaminated

    OnSiteBlog-7Water can be tainted with contaminants in multiple ways: storm water and pesticide runoff, industrial waste, acid rain, and the water treatment process itself.

    Groundwater also can be exposed to pathogen contaminants that may produce disease in humans.

    After the water is collected, it is then treated by a local water municipality. These processes are intended to make the water safe for drinking, but problems sometimesarise. The last stage of the water treatment process is to disinfect it with chlorine, which is intended to kill any remaining water-borne bacteria.

    But disinfectants using chlorine can interact with organic materials in water that can create dangerous byproducts. These include trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs). Excessive quantities of the chlorine or other disinfectants also can have negative health effects, if the water is unfiltered at the tap. Chlorine in water also causes itchy skin and dry, brittle hair. Soft, filtered water, however, leads to suppler skin and smoother hair.

    After Water Treatment

    After treatment, the water is stored until distribution to communities. Even then, water can be contaminated, most commonly with Giardia or Cryptosporidium. These are protozoan parasites that can cause severe gastrointestinal problems.

    Some of the potential problems during distribution include:

    • Water main breaks
    • Microorganism growth
    • Pressure loss (leading to water boil alerts in some cases)
    • Cross contamination with sewage lines

    How to Mitigate Contamination Risks

    It is important that unfiltered drinking water be filtered after it reaches the home. A Premium whole house water filter system from Pelican Water is an affordable, long lasting, and simple to install solution that protects families from the effects of unfiltered drinking water. A low-maintenance water treatment system is the perfect solution for:

    •   Tastier drinking water (not to mention better tasting coffee and tea)

    •    Healthier vegetables, pasta and rice as chlorine is eliminated

    •    Saving money and the planet by reducing a need to purchase bottled water

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