Published: September 14, 2017

    Eco-Friendly Appliances for Tiny Homes

    Tiny homes aren’t a passing trend, but a movement toward minimal, eco-friendly, cost-effective living. In the aftermath of the housing market crisis in 2008 an entire generation felt disillusioned with the idea of homeownership.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals general trends that demonstrate why investing in a huge house is a bad idea. 90% of children move away from their hometown by age 27. Couples are marrying later, and travel is more of a priority than ever before. With these factors in mind, a more cost-effective option for home ownership is important.

    In addition, making eco-friendly decisions on a macro level is more of a priority for many people age 25 – 35. Considering all of these factors the recent explosive popularity of tiny homes seems like the perfect solution. In addition to being a more affordable option to investing in a “traditional home” it’s eco-friendly and can help impoverished communities.

    We’ve previously covered eco-friendly appliances that you should install in your home to reduce water usage. However, this process becomes trickier when your home measures less than 200 square feet in total area. Purchasing Energy Star-certified appliances is a great start, as these dishwashers and washing machines typically use 40% less water than non-certified counterparts.

    When you live in a tiny home you’ll also need to buy appliances that are extremely compact. Here are some great appliance options for your tiny home that will save some space and reduce water consumption:


    The EdgeStar Portable Countertop Dishwasher measures just 17 inches in height and can easily fit into your cabinet without the need for permanent installation. This compact dishwasher uses only 200 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which is about 60% less energy than similarly sized dishwashers. In addition, it’s optimized to conserve water, reducing your overall bill.

    Washer and Dryer

    This Washer and Dryer Combo from LG has an area of only 2.3 cubic feet. The fact that the unit is both a laundry washer and dryer is already impressive, but it also functions while making hardly any noise at all. The extremely water and energy-efficient washer and dryer unit is an obvious choice for tiny homeowners.

    Water Filter

    The EZ-Connect compact series of water filters were specifically designed by our experts to fit into small housing spaces. Whether you need to reduce chlorine or treat your hard water our compact water filters can easily be installed to any main water inlet. Pelican Water compact water filters are easy to install and use a limited amount of power and water to operate.


    Refrigerators are the appliances in your home that use the most electricity, so purchasing as small of a unit as you can is the most eco-friendly option. Consider this Energy Star-certified Fridge and Freezer from EdgeStar, measuring just over 33 inches in height and 20 inches in depth.


     You may not have space for a stove or stovetop in your tiny home, but with the Avanti Multi-Function Oven you can prepare your favorite recipes within a compact countertop appliance. This small but powerful oven is outfitted with two burners for stovetop cooking. The size means you’ll likely spend less on your gas bill each month.

    Don’t allow the downgrade in dwelling size to equal a downgrade in lifestyle. With these appliances designed for tiny homes you can enjoy all of the creature comforts you’re accustomed to while making energy and water-conscious choices in the process.