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    Published: April 19, 2016

    Earth Day: Go Green Activities for Every Family

    Earth Day is rapidly approaching – on April 22nd, global communities will come together to channel their energies toward conservation and environmental issues. On Earth Day organizations, families, and friends give their voice to environmental consciousness by leading by example.

    For you and your family, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to participate in several “go green” activities that help preserve our planet. Teach your children the importance of conservation and renewable resources while also having fun. We wouldn’t leave you without a blueprint – here are several ideas for “go green” activities that the entire family can enjoy.

    • Skip the Bottle – plastic waste is one of the greatest threats to the Earth’s longevity. Have your kids calculate approximately how many bottles of water they think they throw away each week. Then each month. The truth is that Americans throw away 185 pounds of plastic per year, and only 5% of it is recovered from recycling.Buy a water filter as a family and stick to filtered tap water whenever possible. You can teach your children the power of saving money – bottled water costs $7.50 per gallon, or 2000 times more money than tap water. That’s quite a lot of cash!
    • Start a Compost Pile – Composting in your backyard is a great way to reduce the amount of waste your family throws away each year. As you begin to build the pile with your kids, let them know that organic waste is very useful for the environment and shouldn’t be dumped in a landfill.Start with a layer of twigs and hay in your backyard, then alternate between moist and dry organic waste as you continue to build your compost pile. For a full rundown of exact methods and what household waste can be composted, check out this handy article.
    • Calculate Your Footprint – We often hear about our “carbon” footprint, but as an abstract concept it can escape us. The Earth Day website has a fun, interactive Footprint Calculator that you can take with your whole family to visualize how many resources and how much energy your family uses.When your children learn that their lifestyle would necessitate 3 to 10 times as many resources as the planet needs, it helps create an awareness of how important conservation and recycling truly is. The quiz is a blast to take, and eye opening!
    • Make a Meal – Most children don’t realize how negatively food packaging and fast food waste impact the environment. Challenge yourself this Earth Day to make a meal in the kitchen with the entire family made exclusively from locally produced products.Bring the family along to a trip to the farmer’s market and emphasize how much packaging is used to ship their favorite snacks and candies to the local supermarket. While picking out your ingredients, opt for organically grown produce. Who knows, after your delicious meal your kids may not want fast food again!

    Earth Day is instrumental to our environment’s longevity. Take the time to teach your family the importance of preserving resources and outfitting the planet for assured long-term health.

    While you’re at it, outfit your home for long-term health by ensuring the resources coming to your home are clean and pure. Contact a Pelican Water specialist today to learn more about our home water filtration systems that provide safer, cleaner water.