Earth Day 2015

    Published: April 22, 2015

    Earth Day: Moving Towards a Sustainable Planet

    On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was held across America, attracting 20 million Americans to rallies and demonstrations for a healthy, sustainable environment. In many ways the first Earth Day brought the environment into the public eye—prior to that day, environmental awareness received little media attention.

    Over two billion people across 192 nations will participate in the 45th Earth Day on April 22nd, 2015, making the celebration the largest civic event on the planet. Put another way, almost 30% of the total human population of 7.3 billion will take part in this year’s Earth Day.

    Earth Day Events

    Earth Day events range from small, individual acts to large-scale global movements, many of which take place on the weekends immediately before and after April 22. At the global scale, hundreds of major cities will organize local action, including over 2,000 mayors who will host town hall-style meetings to discuss local sustainability and environmental solutions. Global religious leaders are expected to come forward and reinforce the spiritual responsibility of protecting the Earth, while Climate Education Week will educate students in hundreds of thousands of schools about the climate, green economics, and the need for a sustainable future.

    Individual action on Earth Day can be almost anything related to the environment. Installing solar panels at home; cleaning up a beach, park, or natural resource; writing letters to political representatives urging greater sustainable practices—even gardening can be seen as an Earth Day activity. You don’t need to attend a huge rally to get involved, as long as you do something that benefits the Earth and our environment.

    Of course, the real message of Earth Day is that we should be working towards a sustainable planet all year, not just on one day in April. This idea dovetails with Pelican Water’s Go Green initiative. We strive to continuously improve the sustainability of our filtration systems, their packaging, and our office. It’s why we designed our water softener alternative with salt free technology as a greener, eco-friendly alternative to water-wasting salt systems. And it’s why the environment will continue to hold an important place in our business decisions.

    So this April 22nd, make a pledge to the planet—an Earth Day Resolution to make one sustainable change you can turn into a habit. And start planning for the biggest civic event of 2016, when Earth Day celebrates its 50th anniversary.