Drought Resistant Plants

    Published: July 23, 2014

    Drought-Resistant Plants for Your Home

    As summer heats up and you enjoy the benefits of purer delicious filtered water from Pelican, homeowners in many parts of the country are thinking about outdoor plants that don’t require much water. Drought-resistant plants are generally easy to care for, and can survive the brutal heat of summer that is so common in Southern California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and across the south.

    Drought Resistant Plants

    If you live somewhere that hits 90 degrees F or higher for most of the summer, you will want to consider the plants below:

    #1 Echinocactus Grusonii

    This spherical cactus is native to Mexico and features golden spines that have earnedthe nickname, “Golden Ball”. It reaches 2.5 wide and four feet tall. Bright yellow flowers blossom from the top of the plant during the summer.

    #2 Lewisia Cotyledon

    This beautiful flower, native to California and Oregon, has green foliage year-round and can grow one foot high and 10 inches wide. It is a great choice for your rock garden, but keep in mind that it needs good drainage.

    #3 Nasella Tenuissima

    Also known as Mexican Feather Grass, these long, wispy clumps of grass blow gracefully in the wind. It can grow to two feet high and wide and is common in Texas and the Southwest. White flowers sprout from the grass in the summer.

    #4 Sedum Spathulifolium

    Small blue-green leaves form into tight rosettes on long stems. This plant grows low to the ground and is great for ground cover. Native to California.

    #5 Lavandula Multifida

    These Mediterranean shrubs reach up to three feet in height and have a felty, silver appearance. Thin stems are topped with lovely violet blooms from spring to fall.

    #6 Ilibertia Peregrinans

    This orange grass comes from New Zealand. It reaches as high as two feet tall and one foot wide. White flowers bloom in clusters in summer and fall.

    #7 Sedum Rupestre

    This bush has short, chartreuse leaves, with stems that grow six inches high. Native to Europe, this plant spreads easily and makes great ground cover.

    #8 Sedum Spurium

    This beautiful flowered plant has small burgundy leaves that are native to the Caucasus. Tiny, red flowers bloom during the summer.

    #9 Salvia Clevelandii

    This plant has purple-blue flowers that rise high above the gray-green foliage in May and June. Native to California and Baja, it grows three to five feet high.

    #10 Sempervivum

    This gray-green and pink-tipped rosette is native to Europe and grows up to five inches across.

    To learn more, check out http://www.sunset.com/garden/climate-zones/climate-zones-intro-us-map. These interactive maps offerguidance on your home’s climate zone and suggest plants that are a good choice for each region.