Published: July 22, 2019

    Drinking Water May Contain PFAS Linked to Cancer and Infertility in 43 States

    If you knew your drinking water contained toxic chemicals linked to cancer, thyroid disease, infertility, and a weakened immune system, would you still drink it? For nearly 19 million Americans across 43 states the choice has been made for them without their knowledge.

    What Are PFAS?

    New data from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) show that 610 locations across 43 states have tested positive for levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS are used to manufacture products that have non-stick capabilities, including non-stick pans, water-resistant jackets, firefighting foam, and even pizza boxes.

    Thousands of chemicals are classified as PFAS, with the most notorious two being PFOS and PFOA. After several studies linked PFOA and PFOS to serious health problems their use in manufacturing was phased out, but the problem with PFAS is that the chemicals do not break down easily. They build up in humans, fish, and animals over time, worsening their effects.

    As you can see on the EWG interactive map of PFAS contamination, water supplies contaminated with PFAS are often located near sites where PFAS are manufactured or used, including airports, firefighting training sites, military compounds, and industrial plants.

    Are PFAS Dangerous?

    Yes! PFAS chemicals are extremely dangerous, and as they are studied in more scientific detail more linked health problems continue to emerge.

    The negative health effects from consuming PFAS are numerous. PFAS have been linked to all of the following health problems:

    • High cholesterol and an increased risk of developing diabetes
    • Thyroid, liver, and pancreas issues
    • Weak immune system
    • Hormonal imbalances that can lead to fertility problems
    • Behavioral, growth, and intellectual development issues in infants and young kids
    • Increased risk of developing cancer, including kidney and testicular cancer

    PFAS do not naturally occur in the environment and are designed to repel substances like water and oil. These properties make PFAS extremely difficult to break down or eliminate, meaning they accumulate in the environment and in the body of anyone drinking water contaminated with PFAS.

    If you look at the EWG interactive map you will see that some states are more at risk for PFAS contamination than others. Michigan has the highest confirmed number of water samples contaminated with PFAS, followed by California and New Jersey. Look at the area where you live on the map to see the most up-to-date findings of local PFAS contamination.

    What You Can Do About PFAS

    One of the most alarming aspects of the growing PFAS water contamination crisis is that few home water filtration systems are certified to remove the chemicals. While experts recommend comprehensive water filtration including reverse osmosis and whole house carbon filters to purify water and remove contaminants, investing in a system certified to remove common PFAS is the best defense against this growing problem.

    Pelican Water stands out from the competition because we offer two affordable water filtration systems that are certified to reduce the concentration of PFOS and PFOA in your drinking water by 98%. These are the two most common PFAS, and they are responsible for most of the health problems indicated in current scientific studies. The countertop and under sink drinking filter systems remove PFOS, PFOA, chlorine, lead, cysts, mercury, and other worrisome contaminants for around $100 or less. That’s a small a price to pay for the knowledge that your family is drinking fresh, pure drinking water free of harmful PFAS chemicals