Published: September 3, 2014

    Which Drinking Water Filtration System is Right For Me?

    If you’ve spent much time in a swimming pool, you’re already familiar with the effects of chlorine on the body. Of course, chlorine helps to disinfect the pool, but it can dry out and irritate the skin and eyes. With enough exposure, your body can react very negatively to chlorine – both inside and out.

    Chlorine is also added to water during the treatment process. The problem with chlorine in drinking water is that it contains not just chlorinate, but often ammonia as well. Ammonia can react with chlorine to form chloramines, which include dichloramines and trichloramines. These chlorine byproducts are potential carcinogens and may be linked to certain types of cancer, immune system problems, and even kidney failure.

    Removing chlorine from your drinking water is the best way to ensure that your family (particularly young children) is protected from these potential hazards. You should strongly consider switching to an affordable filtered drinking water system. Pelican Water offers several convenient, effective water filtering options that will make your drinking water purer and cleaner than ever.

    In the past, many water filter options were only available to those who own their home and could install a whole house water filtration system. While those products are excellent, there are many other options available as well.

    Pelican Pro- 6-Stage RO System

    This proven product is one of the best reverse osmosis systems on the market. It produces high-quality drinking water, with the very latest system design and membrane technology that removes most harmful contaminants from drinking water. It also reduces the amount of water down your drain by 50%.

    It has a four-stage prefilter, membrane and postfilter housed in one cartridge, with the fifth and sixth stage, in line carbon filter and calcite cartridge between the tank and faucet. The benefit of a 6-stage RO is the minerals are added back to the drinking water to create a balanced, pH neutral water for drinking.

    It also is much smaller and lighter than most RO systems. It is about the size of a 2-gallon tank, and is less than 14 inches in height. It can usually be installed in a small kitchen cabinet. Our RO system also has a post filter that adds back in essential calcium and magnesium that usually are removed by other RO systems.

    One of the advantages of an RO system is that they usually help to remove many contaminants that carbon filter products cannot, such as arsenic, copper and sodium. Generally, carbon-based filters do not have long enough water contact to remove these types of contaminants. Our Pro 6-Stage RO system is highly effective at removing contaminants to provide your family with cleaner, healthier, and purer drinking water, year after year.

    New Premium Drinking Water System

    Another exciting, new Pelican option is our Premium Drinking Water System, available in countertop and undercounter versions. This affordable carbon filter is our latest unique and affordable countertop water filtration product. This product was designed with the condo and apartment dweller specifically in mind.

    Now you too will be able to enjoy the benefits of tasty, purer water from the kitchen faucet. This two-stage water filter connects directly to the kitchen tap, and is NSFcertified to remove over 60 contaminants from the water, including most traces of chlorine, which is one of the most common reasons that people want water filtration in the first place.

    Our new countertop and undercounter water filtration system will filter up to 450 gallons before the filter must be replaced (filters can be auto-shipped to your home with our Water Shield Auto-Ship Program)

    Whichever water filtration method you choose, know that soon your family will be enjoying healthier and tastier water, glass after glass, from Pelican.