How Drinking Soda Affects Your Body

    Published: May 16, 2016

    How Drinking Soda Affects Your Body

    We all know that water should be our go-to choice of beverage, but with their high sugar content and syrupy-sweet taste, sodas often replace water as the preferred drink of many Americans. Prudent mothers and fathers are aware that sodas have the potential to add some extra pounds to their children and themselves – but if you had the full picture, you might think twice before reaching for a soda.

    The mostly artificial ingredients in soda adversely affect most areas of your body in profoundly negative ways. It’s not just your weight that you should be concerned about – the acids, preservatives, and sugar in sodas work together to harm your body in the following ways.

    • Tooth Decay – prolonged, lifetime soda consumption spells a dreary prognosis for your pearly whites. The citric and phosphoric acid in soda actively decays your tooth enamel while you drink.The acid and sugar content in soda is one of the leading causes of cavities in your diet, according to the Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center. In terms of tooth decay, soda is just as harmful to your teeth as drinking battery acid. And don’t assume a diet soda will remedy the issue – diet sodas are more acidic than regular sodas, with an average pH of 3.2.
    • Heart Disease – A study conducted at Harvard in 2012 found that you are 19% more likely to develop heart disease if drink one soda per day, reports the New York Times. The culprit is likely high fructose corn syrup, which is connected with metabolic syndrome, which can lead to heart problems.Diet sodas seem to have just as negative an effect as regular sodas. The University of Miami published a study that determined that a daily habit of drinking diet soda increases the likelihood of a “cardiovascular event” (including a heart attack or stroke) by 61%.
    • Memory Loss – A study published by UCLA in 2002 found that high levels of sugar found in soda impairs the brain’s ability to create BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Without the typical level of BDNF your brain has trouble creating new memories and recalling facts you’ve previously learned.
    • Kidney Stones – Soda contains a substantial amount of phosphoric acid, which is linked to kidney stone formation and other renal issues. Diet sodas prove even more concerning – a study recently published by Harvard found that kidney function in the female subjects tested started to decline once they started drinking two or more diet sodas a day.
    • Abdominal Pain – for those with preexisting GI issues like irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation the carbonation and caffeine in sodas cause a world of harm. The carbonation causes bloating, pain, and cramps as it builds up as excess gas in the intestines.

    Beyond mere weight gain, soda consumption leads to several serious health conditions. Avoid long-term consequences by transitioning into drinking healthy options like milk, juice, and classic filtered water. Ask a Pelican Water expert today about outfitting your home with the tools you need to enjoy fresher, cleaner filtered water all year round.