Chula Vista Desalination Plant

    Published: February 26, 2016

    Southern California Desalination Plant to Double Production

    In September of 2015, work began on an expansion of the Richard Reynolds Groundwater Desalination Facility in Chula Vista, California. The expansion, funded by $42 million in grants, is projected to double the facility’s output from 5 million gallons a day to 10 million by 2017.

    Once operational, the facility will provide water to 30 percent of residents in the Sweetwater District, which includes National City, Chula Vista, and Bonita, reducing the district’s need on imported water and keeping consumer costs down. The facility draws briny water out of local aquifers, removing salt and minerals from the water through reverse osmosis and making it safe to drink.

    Drawing from local groundwater—even salty groundwater—is not without its risks. So much water has been draw out of local groundwater in response to severe drought conditions that in some regions of California the land has subsided by almost a foot.

    The plant’s director of water quality, Scott McClelland, is well aware of the potential impact on local groundwater levels. As McClelland notes, “we know there is quite a bit of water down there and we have to be very careful about how much we pull out.” To avoid depleting a valuable water supply, researchers monitor groundwater levels. Since the plant’s launch, groundwater has remained at a consistent level, indicating the plant operates at sustainable levels.

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